Sherry, Orange Juice and Sweeties

Today I kicked off my book tour with my signing at my local bookshop on Hayling Island.

The shop looked great and we had sherry, orange juice and sweeties laid on. My two marine mystery novels published last year, Tide of Death and In Cold Daylight, were on display along with my new Marine Mystery, In For The Kill, which was published on 5 February 2007. Also on sale was my motivational book, Being Positive and Staying Positive, even when the going gets tough!

As this is my home town it was lovely to see some of my friends drop by to support me. Signings are always nerve racking for a writer - you're never sure if anyone will show, or even bother to talk to you. But of course people do. It is always really good to meet my readers and get feedback from them. I am keen to know which out of my books they prefer and why. As this is my second year of being a published crime writer, it was fascinating to see how many readers returned after buying the first novels. And, I am delighted to report, many of them did. The feedback was extremely encouraging. I even had police officer who enjoyed my detective novel Tide of Death. Phew!

Knowing that people love the characters, the storyline and the settings is encouragement to continue writing. Not that I could ever give up, I love it too much. Thought I would share with you some of the photographs from the signing.

Here I am with my lovely bookseller, Marie Telford of The Bookshop, Mengham, Hayling Island.

Next week, Saturday 17 February, it's Waterstone's in Chichester from 10.30am to 12.30pm. For a full list of where I am givng talks and book signings go to


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