Bad Luck Emma

I was wrong. It happens often (or should that be frequently). I am a writer so I ought to know, but isn't that what editors are for? Anyway, Emma Barnes of Snowbooks didn't get an award, Faber and Faber did, which shouldn't really have surprised anyone in the publishing audience. It was rather a forgone conclusion. From what I could gather most of the award winners have been around for about twenty years plus so Emma will just have to wait a bit longer.

It was a good bash, food was fine and the booze flowed. I had a panic attack before going into the Grand Hotel, though,which a glass of white wine did something to quell. It was the sight of so many people out at night in Brighton that did it, that and the fact we had to park in an NCP multi storey carpark at night, and at a cost of £10 for four hours, and the thought that we might get muggged on our way back to the car... But I needn't have worried because when my husband and I emerged late at night from the Grand, there were still so many people around that I thought I must have slept through the remainder of the awards ceremony after Emma didn't win and woken up the next day. If it hadn't been dark you could have been mistaken for thinking it was midday. You might have gathered by now that I am not one of life's owls or a natural party goer. I rarely venture out at night and certainly not to a town centre. Hayling Island is hardly a hive of bustling activity at 7pm and especially not at midnight unless you count the kids guzzling booze outside the Tesco Express.

I'm swotting up on book blogs at the moment and finding it all a bit tedious, hence the stop off to write this when I should really be getting on with some work. There seem to be so many book blogs around with people reading and enjoying such high brow books that it makes me feel positively thick. Still there is hope for me and my books yet because Jeffrey Archer manages to sell millions and he isn't high brow. He might not have won any literary awards but as he says in his interview in The Bookseller magazine 'Which would you rather have:10 million readers or the Booker?' I know what I'd go for.

So back to work. Any ideas on how I can reach the first one million readers gratefully received.


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