An author's dream - the Richard & Judy Show

No, my latest book In For The Kill hasn't been chosen for the summer read Richard & Judy show, despite my chiropodist insisting that it should be, and ringing the television programme to tell them it's a cert - bless her. It's a pity because if it had been chosen then, as Jane Wenham-Jones says in her article in this week's Bookseller magazine, I'm sure I would have seen a huge boost in sales, like other authors, the lucky beggars.

When Joseph O'Connor's The Star of the Sea ( now there's a connection with my marine mysteries) was chosen it had sold just 4,000 copies. Even I've sold more of one title than that. Now sales have risen to well over a million. See why I'm so keen? Oh well , one can dream.

But my marine mysteries probably aren't the stuff chosen - they're genre based for a start, and they're not 'literary,' but they do, or so I'm told by my readers, with the exception of a rare few, make damn good page turning reading. Ideal for summer as book wholesaler Bertrams are saying. In for the Kill will be featured in their summer reading catalogue and there is an article about me and my books in the June edition of Book Time. You can pick up a free copy in your local independent bookshop or in your library. Happy reading.

Oh, and if anyone out there is a personal friend of the most powerful lady in publishing - Amanda Ross,TV producer of Richard & Judy, let me know, it could be the start of a beautiful friendship.


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