Ghostly Goings On In Portsmouth

What a thoroughly miserable day in England, well on Hayling Island to be precise, though I wonder how many English (or UK bloggers) have started today's entries with those words. Hardly original for a writer, I know, but even I'm allowed an off day. Actually it hasn't been - an off day that is - on the contrary, I have got tons of work done and I don't feel guilty being tied to my computer keyboard, ( metaphorically speaking that is before you get all excited with visions of me in bondage.) When the sun is shining I feel as though I am 'wasting' a day being stuck inside. And I get an extra hour's writing in, because the clock's went back this morning!

Up early (because of the hour) and managed to get a walk in around the Hayling Nature Reserve, along the shore of Langstone Harbour, across the farm and home again, it was enjoyable despite the drizzle and wind.

Pity the poor Great South Runners today pounding the pavements of Portsmouth.

Which brings me on to the ghosts, not the runners, of course, though I expect some of them are feeling none too clever at the moment, and not ghosts in general but one particular ghost. Years ago I was told about a spook that haunted the Eastern Road in Portsmouth on certain nights. I am using this in Andy Horton number four, which is developing nicely, though Andy wasn't in a very good mood this morning. Everyone was telling him that the case he is working on is not a case at all, and even Horton is beginning to have his doubts... But back to the ghost.

The Eastern Road is a busy dual carriage which runs along the eastern shores of Portsmouth. On part of this road by Salterns Lake on certain nights the ghost of a young woman, who was killed on the road, can be seen by drivers. I haven't googled this yet but will do so in a minute. The mighty machine might have an answer, it seems to on most things. There have been numerous fatal accidents on this notorious stretch of road so the tale doesn't surprise me. But if anyone knows more about this spook then please either leave a comment or drop me an e mail. I'd be interested to know. And I'll keep you updated on my research. Now it's time to get back to Horton...


Anonymous said…
Ive lived in portsmouth all my life and used to play golf on great sultans golf course where the lake is situated. On hole 13 to be precise. When playing late in the evening ny friend said he saw a girl on the path crossing the lake, when crossing the lake we both saw a girl in the same place having not seen her when we passed. After telling our story to my friends dad he said "the girl on the 13th" and said that there was a story of the ghostly figure.
Pauline Rowson said…
Thank you for this. I too heard about the ghost when I used to live in Stanley Avenue near the golf course. I have used it in the Inspector Andy Horton Marine Mystery I have just finished writing. I couldn't find any research on her, but your information is very helpful. Thanks.

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