Off to the smoke

Another day in London tomorrow, that's twice in a fortnight. I'm not one for crowds and don't like shopping, (OK, so I'm a bit weird for a woman,) but I do enjoy the occasional trip to London, just as long as I can come home again to the comparative quiet of Hayling Island and that magic expanse of sea.

Last week I went to a master class on blogs and books held at the very expensive Charlotte Street Hotel where you won't get much change out of £500 for one night's B & B, and that's sleeping in the basement! I jest, not about the price, but about sleeping in the basement, unless of course you happen to doze off in one of the sumptuous red leather chairs in the posh screening room, (nothing so common as a theatre). This was where our master class was held, which made me think that the TV and film people must grace this hotel with their presence. In fact, I did see someone struggling in loaded down with camera gear, so maybe I should leave my novels strategically placed just in case Anthony Minghella decides to drop in and can't resist buying the film option on one of them!

This screening room was where us publishing/writing types sat spellbound as the world of blogs and blogging was unfolded before our eyes. It was interesting but there wasn't much that I didn't already know about blogging. I don't mean that in an arrogant sense, one can always learn something, and I guess that this workshop, along with the other two I attended on viral marketing reinforced my classical marketing training in that for any marketing to work it takes time, effort, creativity, patience and persistence. A bit like novel writing really.

Tomorrow, it is my turn to give a talk, this time on publishing, and on Thursday I am in Littlehampton talking to a reading group, who have all been reading In Cold Daylight. They're treating me to lunch and then I will sing for my supper, or rather talk for my lunch. I'm looking forward to that.

And just to keep master blogger, Juliet Doyle, and my wonderful PR lady, Dot Maddain, happy here is another picture of me with the firemen from Red Watch, Southsea, who are posing with a copy of In Cold Daylight, which is a thriller centred around fire fighters.


Juliet said…
Pauline! You and these firefighters AGAIN! I am still wondering where it will all end (and still not even the teensiest bit jealous, of course!)

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