Seagulls and shopping

Southampton Town Quay where I went for a photo shoot for the Daily Echo this morning and a seagull watching me wondering who the hell is this woman and what's she doing on my rail? It was cold and windy but the rain held off until the moment we were through. Then I popped into Waterstones just to make sure my books were still on the shelf. They were. But maybe it would have been better if they weren't because that would mean people were buying them! The shopping centre was getting busy for Christmas which is my cue to avoid it and all shops if I possibly can like the plague, oh, except for late night Christmas Shopping in Mengham on Hayling Island on 7 December where I will be sipping wine and talking to my readers, or any customers for that matter, who decide to turn up. This year I decided to make my own Christmas Cards from last year's Christmas Cards, now isn't that green of me? OK, I had to buy the actual cards and the glue but it has been tremendous fun cutting out robins and snowman and sticking them on cards, and even though they might not be the most artistic in the world, they will certainly be unique. And if you're looking for something different in the way of Christmas Cards there's a wonderful new range of them I've just come across on by a very talented artist and which all have a nautical theme. Perfect for anyone who is into boats and the sea. And it's always nice to find something different.


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