Walking is always good for thinking through plots and those tricky bits that you sometimes just can't seem to get your head around. And, of course, it's good exercise. Occasionally my characters get themselves into places and situations that I think - great, and then I haven't a clue how to extricate them! So it was walking shoes on and a brisk trek around the shore. And not to be outdone by Juliet Doyle and her pictures of Mersea on her blog, here are a couple of Hayling Island. This is the Hayling Billy Coastal Walk which is 100 yards from my door. And here is a picture of one of the dredgers going out on the high tide of Langstone Harbour, you can just about see it if you squint hard enough. It was very fitting as the intricate bit of the plot I just happened to be working on for my next DI Andy Horton marine mystery involves a dredger and an aggregates wharf in Langstone Harbour!


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