Congratulations All Round

The News, Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth City Council have received an accolade from the National Year of Reading for their campaign to get more young poeople and children reading. They have been chosen as the authority of the month for their joint campaign to 'Spread The Word'.

Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth City Council teamed up with my local paper 'The News' to become partners in a literacy campaign entitled 'Spread the Word'. The year long campaign inspired by the National Year of Reading aims to turn the page on poor literacy levels in our area. By the end of the campaign they want:

To have 3000 more children as library members in Hampshire and Portsmouth (brilliant - I agree with that)
To increase the number of children completing the Summer Reading Challenge by 10 percent in both county and city
To get 1000 children to read the campaign book 'Finding the Fox' by local author Ali Sparkes. (Well done me old mate, Ali.)

'The News' launched the campaign on 31 March and devotes a whole page each Monday to promote reading and writing and rewarding children for their efforts. Yours truly is to be featured on it in about a month's time. Watch this space for an entry on my blog about this later.


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