Selling Techniques

The more observant and regular visitors to this blog will have noticed that another video clip of me has appeared under the video bar below my two interviews with Raychel Harvey-Jones where I'm talking about Deadly Waters and In For The Kill. The new video is the trailer for a DVD which I present based on one of my best-selling business books called Successful Selling. This has been produced by Summersdale Productions and is on sale from 4 August. I had great fun making the DVD and was delighted to be given the opportunity to do so. I hope to do more of this work and some TV work in the future. It'll be interesting to see what the sales are like! The book Successful Selling is also available in audio format as a download and as an e book and printed book. It's not the only business book I have written, in fact I have nine business and motivational books to my name. You can obviously see this if you go to Amazon but you can also find them on on the bookshop page.


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