On The Air At BBC Radio Solent

I'm on BBC Radio Solent Friday morning at about 7.40am on the drive time show with Julian Clegg. It will only be a short slot but it's a great opportunity because BBC Radio Solent has also chosen me for one of their "100 lives" project. This means they will be following my events and happenings over the next several months with me giving regular feedback on radio to listeners. It sounds a fascinating project and BBC Radio Solent already have many people enrolled including someone who is getting married, and I think the producer said a lady who had just had her first baby at the age of 47 - brave lady! I am their only author, so again a really good opportunity for me to reach out to potentially new readers. That is if I don't cock it up tomorrow. And seeing as I'm on that early in the morning I won't have had my caffeine injection so who knows what might happen. Tune in to find out..


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