I'm missing Frankfurt

I never thought I’d say it but I’m pining for the Frankfurt Book Fair. Here's me at last years' Frankfurt Book Fair. Yes, it's that time of year again when the publishing world head over to Germany to ply their trade at the internationally acclaimed Frankfurt Book Fair.

It is the first time in four years that I won’t be going. I didn’t think I would miss the experience especially after last year when the German train drivers decided to go on strike. We were staying in a lovely hotel in Bad Nauheim, (where we always stay because it overlooks the most fantastic park) but this meant we had considerable difficulty getting into Frankfurt on the Friday of the book fair and a horrendous journey from Frankfurt to the airport on the only train that was running. And quite honestly it was so crammed packed with human beings that I thought it would never move and that I would be stuck inside it for ever.

I don’t miss the airports or the flying but I am missing the buzz around the book fair and the opportunity to catch up on the gossip and news. Still there is always the London Book Fair in April 2009 and that’s much closer to home. I will definitely be attending that. The London Book Fair is getting bigger and better each year and it’s a great excuse to stay in the City. It runs from 20-22 April 2009.

Although I am not physically going to Frankfurt my novels will be there. My German Agent and my Brazilian Agent along with my English representative will hopefully be telling the world about my crime books and thrillers. In addition, my non fiction publisher, Crimson, will be promoting three of my business books which are to be re-released in a brand new exciting series in 2009. I will just have to console myself with following all the news in the Bookseller magazine and on line on BookBrunch

The Frankfurt Book Fair runs from 15-19 October 2008. Maybe next year...


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