Deadly Waters Video

Deadly Waters, the second marine mystery crime novel featuring my flawed and rugged detective, DI Andy Horton, is now published in mass market paperback (although officially it is released on 2 April 2009 - but what difference does a day make?)

It retails at £6.99 but I'm sure you'll be able to get it cheaper than that on line and definitely at Amazon or The Book Depository.

In the video I am reading an extract from chapter one of Deadly Waters. You can read more about Deadly Waters on my official web site at or

Click here to read an extract of Deadly Waters.

Deadly Waters

When a woman, the head teacher of a struggling local school, is found brutally murdered in Langstone Harbour DI Andy Horton is appointed to lead the investigation but not for long if Superintendent Uckfield has his way. Horton is given only a week to find the killer, after that he will be shunted off the case. Horton now has a point to prove as well as a complex murder case to solve. A note was found on the victim, Have you forgotten ME? Along with money wrapped up in a five-pound note and dripping with honey. Is there a clue in 'The Owl and the Pussy-cat' rhyme? Is it simply a senseless murder by an unhinged killer or does someone close to the head have a motive for murder? As Horton delves deeper into the investigation, aided by Sergeant Cantelli, the tension mounts. With the clock ticking Horton is soon forced to take a decision that will put his life on the line . . .


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