Energetic Year of the Tiger - Chinese New Year what will it bring?

Chinese New Year brings in the energetic Year of the Tiger.  Sounds good to me.  We can all do with energy. But then reading up on this further the Year of the Tiger does not sound so good after all.

"It will be really a hard working and vigorous year." (Tell me something new! Isn't every year?)

"Metal and Tiger together will fight each other, which implies 2010 won't come quietly and peacefully. We can imagine that 2010 is a Tiger wearing armor. This Tiger doesn't like armor on the top of its body and keeps jumping around. For safety, we should keep our distance from it. That's why many Chinese don't like White Tiger." (Oh, dear).

"Tiger has the potential to become vigorous, ferocious and cruel. So Tiger is a symbol of power and authority, with the inflexible and destructive personality. Tiger has very poor people relationship, especially, with family members. In traditional custom, Chinese family don't invite people born in year of Tiger to involve private wedding ceremony." (Oops, doesn't sound too good.)

I have two books translated into Chinese: Being Positive & Staying Positive (even when the going gets tough)  and Communicating with more Confidence which are combined with fellow author, Brian Lomas's book, Stress and Time Management into a single volume called Be A Champion.  I hope soon to be bringing news that some of my crime novels might also be published in China - or perhaps that Tiger will prevent this! 

Whatever the Chinese New Year holds I am sure that for many of us the year will bring its usual share of happiness and sorrow, hard work and leisure, hope and despair, opportunities and optimism.  Wishing you all - despite the Tiger-  a happy Chinese New Year!


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