Meet the man behind the covers

No, not my long suffering husband, but the man whose photographs are used on the covers of my two thrillers, In Cold Daylight and In For Kill.

A thriller novel set on the south coast of England

The images  for both novels were shot by Peter Rocchiccioli who, like Sergeant Barney Cantelli in my Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery police procedural novels, hails from Tuscany.

A thriller novel set on the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Guernsey

Peter now lives on Hayling Island and I happened to be out walking the other day and bumped into him with his camera slung over his shoulder, of course.

Pauline Rowson with photographer Peter Rocchiccioli

Peter tells me that the original photograph of In For The Kill is in an exhibition from 2-4 September on Hayling Island, Hampshire.  This time I'll be down there with my camera to take a photograph of it!

Both covers were designed from these photographs by Robert Lihou Creative Design.

The jacket covers on my Inspector Andy Horton crime novels are designed by Severn House. 


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