Portsmouth BookFest and CSI Portsmouth, where crime fiction meets crime fact, on DI Andy Horton’s Marine Mystery Patch

CSI Portsmouth, where crime fiction meets crime fact, is an exciting one day event being held on Saturday 5 November at John Pounds Centre, Queen Street Portsmouth. This is the second year of running and if last year’s enthusiastic audience reception is anything to go by then this year will again prove to be highly successful. This one day event brings together best selling crime authors, police, scene of crime experts, forensic psychologists, fingerprinting experts and others to discuss and debate crime fact and crime fiction.

"The idea for CSI Portsmouth was initiated by crime author Pauline Rowson who was raised in Portsmouth and lives on nearby Hayling Island. Her popular marine mystery crime novels featuring DI Horton and her thrillers are set in Portsmouth and the surrounding Solent area including the Isle of Wight.

CSI Portsmouth is organised by Pauline Rowson in conjunction with local independent bookshop, The Hayling Island Bookshop and Portsmouth City Libraries and she is grateful to her crime writing colleagues and Hampshire Police, the University of Portsmouth and many other experts for making the event not only possible but entertaining for the audience

About Portsmouth BookFest

CSI Portsmouth is part of Portsmouth BookFest, a festival of popular literature organised by The Hayling Island Bookshop and Portsmouth City Library Service. It runs from October 17 to November 13. Portsmouth BookFest aims to promote both book buying and book borrowing especially amongst groups who may not have previously considered participating in book related events. BookFest uses a wide variety of venues, many not normally associated with book events such as sports centres, museums, night clubs and pubs as well as libraries and community centres and offers incentives to audiences to buy books as well as sign up and join the Library Service as new members with ticket prices low to make the events accessible to all sections of the community.

Why Portsmouth?

Portsmouth is fast becoming Britain's favourite waterfront destination, with more and more to offer every year. The City has an irresistible and unique mix of history and heritage, specialist shopping, lively arts, great restaurants and bars and a programme of year round event.

It is also a great literary city, most notably the birthplace of the author Charles Dickens whose bicentenary Portsmouth will be celebrating throughout 2012.

Portsmouth was home to H. G Wells and Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, who is celebrated today with the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection Lancelyn Green Bequest, a brand new archive research centre devoted to Doyle.

It is also home to DI Andy Horton. A good enough reason to place CSI Portsmouth firmly on the crime festival map."


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