Working on the third draft of DI Andy Horton crime novel number 8. DI Horton, number 7, A Killing Coast is being published in January 2012

I'm now well into working on the third draft of the next DI Andy Horton crime novel, which will be number eight in the series. This is unlikely to be the final draft because once I am satisfied that the plot all hangs together and the characters are doing what they should, and quite often what they shouldn't, I will go through the novel again to make sure that all the unanswered questions have been answered and that I have used the right words and phrases to suit the mood, suspense, and characters. By the time I have finished, which I aim to have done in January, I will know the story inside out and back to front and then it is off to my editor at Severn House for a fresh eye and for his opinion on it.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for the proofs of the seventh in the DI Andy Horton series, A Killing Coast, to come to me. I haven't read it for some time so it will be interesting and a little nerve wracking to read it again.

A Killing Coast is published in hardcover in the UK on 26 January 2012 and in the USA a couple of months after this.  It is listed on Fantastic Fiction, which I know many of my readers use to keep up to date with new releases and it is also available to pre-order on Amazon.  I have seen the rough draft of the cover image, which looks good and will post it here along with more details shortly.


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