A Killing Coast - A DI Andy Horton crime novel by Pauline Rowson - Location Shots Part 2

The seventh in the DI Horton series of Marine Mystery crime novels A Killing Coast is to be published in hardcover by Severn House in the UK on 26 January 2012 and in the USA in May 2012.

Here are some photographs taken from the locations featured in A Killing Coast.The novel is set in Portsmouth, the Solent and on the Isle of Wight.

Ventnor Haven - Isle of Wight

The bays featured in A Killing Coast on the Isle of Wight

The coast featured in A Killing Coast - the east coast of the Isle of Wight

When a body is found floating in the sea off Portsmouth harbour, Detective Inspector Horton initially judges it to be an accidental death. Soon though, to his dismay, he discovers he’s got it very wrong. Accused of being incompetent by his boss, and with the head of the Major Crime Team coming down heavily on him, Horton wonders if he’s allowed his ongoing investigation into the disappearance of his mother over thirty years ago to cloud his judgement. With no clear motive for the murder, Horton is sucked into a baffling investigation that he is determined to resolve despite the odds. Not only does he need to find a brutal killer, but Horton now has to prove to himself, and others, that he is still up to the job.

A Killing Coast is available to pre-order on Amazon, The Book Depository and in UK bookshops. Also available on loan from libraries in the UK

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