My publisher has done some exciting things this year and I don't just mean publishing my DI Horton crime novels!

My publisher Severn House has done some exciting things this year and I don't mean publishing my DI Andy Horton crime novels, although that is exciting. They have also entered the world of social media and I am delighted to see they now have a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

They've also been working hard on developing a new web site, which has been quite a task because of the sheer number of authors they have and the vast number of titles they publish. Here is my page on their web site (well, I've got to plug myself, haven't I?). This, along with their entry into publishing e books, mine included, means that more people across the world will become aware of some of the great titles they publish, opening up a whole new range of entertaining reads.

Severn House is a vibrant independent publishing house founded in 1974. They publish a broad range of titles, from Crime and Mystery, Thrillers, Romance, Sagas, General and Historical fiction in all formats, including eBooks and large print.

I quote from their website "Home to an impressive list of respected British and American authors, titles from Severn House are guaranteed to entertain, enlighten and occasionally mystify you, right to the last page."

I had a great time at the Severn House (SH) party at CrimeFest this year and hope to catch up with the SH team next year at CrimeFest 2012.

Me with the Boss!

I am very proud to be published by Severn House, they have an excellent reputation in the UK, the USA and in the Commonwealth.  Their new ventures can only benefit their authors and of course their huge number readers across the world.
Kate Lyall Grant from SH, with crime authors Linda Regan and Pauline Rowson
You can visit my Facebook Page or my Marine Mystery Crime Novels Facebook Page, and follow me on Twitter.   

Severn House will be publishing the new DI Andy Horton, A Killing Coast in the UK in January 2012 and in the USA in May 2012. More to come on this on next week's blog.


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