Could this be in the next DI Horton marine mystery crime novel? Murder Cam to catch criminals

Detectives in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire have a new weapon to catch killers, a high-tech £146,000 ‘murder-cam’.

The scanner can take a 3D image of a crime scene in just 10 minutes, recording up to 120,000 details per second, while rotating 360 degrees saving hours of crucial time after a murder has taken place.Detectives can then refer to it when they are investigating a murder.  I can just hear Detective Superintendent Uckfield in the Horton crime novels muttering grumpily, 'load of old bollocks!' while getting someone to operate it. DCI Lorraine Bliss, Horton's boss in Portsmouth CID, would positively embrace it while Horton would of course spot something that everyone else has overlooked. 

The camera has been jointly funded by the Department for Transport, the National Policing Improvement Agency and in Cambridgeshire by the Police Authority, which has approved an £18,500 contribution.

It will be used in the main at road traffic incidents, but also at crime scenes so perhaps in the next DI Horton crime novel, they will have one in Hampshire and use it on Horton's patch, Portsmouth, the Solent and the Isle of Wight.

Cambridge News Article


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