Q and A Part One -Pauline Rowson under the spotlight

This interview first appeared on the website A Merry Requiem
Pauline Rowson answers Twenty Questions - Part One
1.       Where do you do your best thinking?
Walking the coastal paths of the Isle of Wight and around Langstone, Chichester and Portsmouth Harbours where my crime novels are set.

2.       If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Where I live now in the Solent area of the UK; it’s vibrant, diverse, and in turn both beautiful and ugly but most of all it’s full of characters and a rich source of ideas for crime novels.   

 3.       What are you most scared of?
Failure.  But how you determine failure is another matter. 

4.       Which book do you wish you’d written?
Still trying to write it.

5.       How did you find your first agent?
I didn’t because I don’t have one.

6.       What is your “guilty pleasure” reading?
Crime novels, although I don’t feel guilty. I particularly love the Golden Age of Crime from Christie to Simenon and many in between.  

7.       What are you most proud of?
My marriage. 

8.       What is the worst job you’ve ever had?
I’ve loved every job I’ve had, working in a shoe shop, a factory, as an usherette in a cinema, in a benefit officer, as a marketing manager and running my own marketing company before becoming a full time writer.  And I love that to. When I stop loving the job I stop doing it. I’ve met some fascinating people and I’ve heard some great stories, all fodder for crime novels.

9.       Which of your characters would you most like to have a pint with in real life, and why?
Without doubt Andy Horton, my DI. He’s fair, fit, flawed and almost forty. He lives on his yacht and rides a Harley. I’d forgo the pint although a glass of white wine would be nice but I’d settle for a sail on his yacht or a ride on the back of his Harley. 

10.   Which character of someone else’s would you most like to have a pint with, and why?
Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlow for his one liners, intrigue, mystery and moodiness.

Part Two will appear on Monday 17 December.


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