Search this site and enlarged photographs added to Pauline Rowson website

Two new facilities have been added to my official website which you can find at

On my website you can find details of all my books, crime novels, my play, events, the latest news, blog articles and videos as well as a biography and information on buying rights to my crime novels. Now you can also search the site and we have added the ability to click on an image and enlarge it.

You can search my website  by entering a key word in the search box which shows up at the bottom of every page. You can also search the site from the Contact Us page where the navigation will take you to the search this site page. 

This search facility is particularity helpful if you would like information on the articles I have written, which include tips on writing a crime novel, developing characters, researching the police procedural, plotting, point of view and more.  I have also written about the inspiration behind the various DI Andy Horton novels and the locations in which they are set.

On some of the pages and some of the images you can also now click on a picture and it will come up enlarged. This, as yet doesn't apply to every image but as new items and articles are added to my website this facility will be included.

You'll find it on the Home Page and the Events Page

Feedback is always welcome so if you have any to give please let us know by using the form on the Contact Us page. Hope you enjoy visiting my website. 


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