The story behind Silent Running by Pauline Rowson -

 How a broken down lift inspired Silent Running the first in an explosive new marine crime series by Pauline Rowson featuring former Marine Commando, Art Marvik

The idea for Silent Running first came to me when I stepped inside a lift in a high-rise building in London, which also happened to be a club for service personnel and veterans (my husband being a former RAF Police Officer.) I wondered what would happen if the lift got stuck and if I was in it with one other person, a man I didn’t know. I dislike lifts and avoid them if I possibly can and I thought of a woman in this lift alone with a man she’d never met before. What would have enticed her into that lift if she was afraid of them? Who was the man with her? Did she know him? What would they speak about while waiting to be freed? Why would she invite him back to her room after they’d been released? And why would he kill her? The rest of the plot sprang from there.

The story behind Silent Running by Pauline Rowson -


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