Watch the video trailer for Silent Running, the brand new crime novel from Pauline Rowson

The first in a brand new series of marine crime novels, Silent Running features former Royal Marine Commando, Special Boat  Services Officer Art Marvik, newly out of the marines. He's tough, highly trained, fearless, intelligent and fit. He isn’t  bound by the official rules of the law.

Tough, fearless and fit, Marvik is not bound by the rules of the law

"Fans of Rowson’s DI Andy Horton books will be delighted with her new series featuring former marine commando Art Marvik. A tense, terrifying thrill ride that twists and turns with dizzying speed, combined with a likable, smart, tough, but all too human hero, make this a cracking-good new series—action fans need Marvik on their radar." Booklist

Watch the video trailer

Injuries inflicted while in combat have forced Marvik to leave the marines and seek a new life in Civvy Street. He thought he’d be able to adjust and carve  out a new career for himself on the sea, but his first job as a private  maritime security operative goes very wrong when the luxury motor cruiser he  was travelling on and had been detailed to guard, gets attacked by pirates in  the Indian Ocean, and Marvik finds himself with a bullet in his shoulder and  the boat’s owner dead. He’d failed on his first mission in civilian life, and Silent  Running opens with him reeling from it.

Adrift after leaving the marines and smarting from his first failed civilian mission Marvik seeks refuge in a remote  cottage on the Isle of Wight. When a former girlfriend shows up with a disturbing story about the murder of a young woman fifteen years ago and her growing belief that the man convicted of it is innocent, Marvik doesn't think much of it.  Then Charlotte goes missing after leaving his home and everything changes. Suspected by the police of not only her abduction and possible murder, but also the disappearance of a computer  research scientist, it's clear Marvik is being framed - but by whom and why. In a race against time, Marvik is sucked into a dangerous  assignment and a web of deceit that will need all his skills, and those of his  friend, former Marine Special Forces Communicator, Shaun Strathen, to get to  the truth. Their mission, to stop a ruthless killer before he kills again.

Silent Running is available from all online bookstores, from bookshops and available on loan from USA and UK libraries.


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