How does DI Andy Horton fund his lifetyle? - A question posed by a member of the audience at a talk I recently gave

There was a slightly unusual question posed by a member of the audience at a talk I recently gave - how can DI Andy Horton fund his lifestyle, living on a boat in a marina? I thought it worthwhile repeating it here and giving the answer. Before I do though just to say that Andy Horton currently appears in twelve novels. Click here to read more about each DI Andy Horton crime novel and to view them in order.


A detective inspector might not earn a fortune but Andy manages OK.  He lives on a very small sailing boat bought second hand and in a small marina, so aside from marina fees he doesn't have any rates or rent to pay and a small boat doesn't cost much to  heat and maintain or to sail after all the wind is free!

He rides a Harley Davidson, cheaper than a car to run and he is not materialistic. He doesn't even own a TV set. 

His ex wife lives in his former marital home. Catherine has a very god job, as Marketing Director of her father's marine manufacturing company, and she is very materialistic! Of course he pays maintenance for his daughter who he loves deeply and is desperate not to lose contact with despite Catherine's efforts to prevent him from seeing her. He'd like to pay Emma (his daughter's) private school fees but his father-in-law insists on paying them and Andy is determined to make sure that is not the case.

Andy doesn't drink not since his suspension when he was falsely accused of rape, a charge that was dropped when the girl admitted it was fabricated in the course of an investigation to get him off the case.

And Andy is a bit of a loner, his world is his work, his passion is to catch criminals, his wish is to belong in a world that  he has always found himself outside of. Illegitimate, with no knowledge of who his father was, raised in children's homes and with foster parents since the age of ten, Andy's quest is to discover the truth behind his mother's disappearance thirty years ago, when she left for work one night for the Portsmouth Casino and never returned.

The latest DI Andy Horton mystery is Fatal Catch, no.12. Published by Severn House in hardcover in the UK on 28 September.  It will be released as an e book and on Kindle from 20 December 2015 and published in hardcover in the USA in January 2016.

A DI Andy Horton Mystery by Pauline Rowson

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