The DI Andy Horton crime novels in order

|I'm often asked by readers if they need to read the DI Andy Horton series in order.  The answer is no. They can be read in any order because in each novel there is a new investigation for the rugged and flawed DI Andy Horton to solve.  There is, however, a back story running through each of the crime novels particularly from number three, The Suffocating Sea, onwards and that is Andy's quest to discover the truth behind his mother's disappearance after she abandoned him as a child. But readers should be able to follow Andy's progress and revelations of his personal investigations no matter what number in the current series of twelve they pick up.

Shroud of Evil (no. 11) is now available in paperback and number 12, Fatal Catch, is published in hardcover and as an ebook also available on Kindle and Kobo.

DI Andy Horton number 11in the series

Many of the DI Andy Horton crime novels are available as audio books and in large print.  DI Horton has come a long way since first appearing in Tide of Death in 2006. 

Fatal Catch, no.12 in the DI Andy Horton Series

 In DI Andy Horton, number one, Tide of Death, Andy is back in CID after being suspended for eight months on a gross misconduct charge.  His marriage has broken up and he's living on board his yacht in a marina in Portsmouth on the South Coast of England. He has a murder to solve and is determined to clear his name and re-establish his reputation as a good cop and try and save his marriage, but is it too late?

Tide of Death, the first DI Andy Horton crime novel published in 2006

In DI Andy Horton number three, The Suffocating Sea, he discovers something about his mother's disappearance thirty years ago which sets  him on a mission to discover why she abandoned him at the age of ten, where she went and what subsequently happened to her.  This thread is followed  throughout the subsequent novels but if the reader picks up and reads the novels out of sequence he or she should be able to follow the thread of Andy's private investigation in each novel. 

The Suffocating Sea, the third DI Andy Horton crime novel

In each novel there is  a new case for DI Andy Horton with plenty of action.  Horton is often joined by Sergeant Cantelli and the Major Crime Team headed by Detective Superintendent Uckfield.  Horton is also often in conflict with his abrasive CID boss, DCI Lorraine Bliss.

The DI Andy Horton novels in order then with the first in the series listed at the top, are:

Tide of Death
Deadly Waters
The Suffocating Sea
Dead Man's Wharf
Blood on the Sand
Footsteps on the Shore
A Killing Coast
Death Lies Beneath
Death Surge  
Shroud of Evil (2014)
Fatal Catch (2015)

Read more about each DI Andy Horton novel.

I enjoy writing the DI Andy Horton series and seeing the characters' lives unfold. I'm currently writing DI Andy Horton number 13. So more to come.

If you enjoy DI Andy Horton you might like former marine commando Art Marvik in the first of a new crime series, Silent Running, published in 2015. Available in hardcover, e book, on Kindle and Kobo and in paperback from 29 April 2016.

An Art Marvik Marine Crime Novel


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