Walking is not only good for the soul but good for writers says crime author Pauline Rowson

Being a writer isn't all about pounding away at a keyboard or scribbling on paper, much of an author's time is spent thinking and what better way to do that than to go on a long walk and at the same time benefit from the exercise.  I also often combine my walks with research not only along the coastal paths and harbours where I live and where my DI Andy Horton crime novels are set but also in other areas where the Art Marvik marine mysteries are set, such as Dorset and East Sussex and, as the Marvik novels grow, this will take in other coastal locations in the UK.

I find walking particularly excellent for thinking through the plots of my crime novels and for trying to work out those tricky bits that I sometimes just can't seem to get my head around. Often my characters DI Andy Horton and Art Marvik get into places and situations that I think - great, and then I haven't a clue how to extricate them! While walking I'll mull this over along with other aspects of the novel I'm working on and will return to the computer refreshed and ready to tackle that tricky bit.

There are many more reasons why walking is good for crime authors, or any author come to that, it's free,  the fresh air is good for the complexion and it keeps you fit and healthy only don't get so engrossed in thinking that you fall off a cliff! You also  get to meet and see  many interesting people who can provide inspiration for characters, and more ideas for stories.

Walking also provides me with inspiration for new crime novels. Locations also spark ideas and I'm always looking for a good place to put a body!


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