My type of Valentine! Look what's sailed into Port

I'm delighted and thrilled as always to receive my author copies of my new crime novel featuring my valentine, the handsome, rugged and flawed detective, Andy Horton. Although Lethal Waves doesn't look much like a valentine's card it's much better as far as I'm concerned because its the thirteenth in the Andy Horton series of police procedurals to be published and my seventeenth crime novel published since 2006.

Lethal Waves is, like the others in the Horton series, set against the backdrop of the sea in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight in the UK. It is officially published in hardcover in the UK on the 28 February 2017 and will be published in the USA on 1 June 2017.

In this novel Andy Horton as always has a new crime to solve while still trying to unravel the mystery of his mother's disappearance over thirty years ago. It is while on the trail of a fresh clue into Jennifer Horton's disappearance in Guernsey that Horton is called on board the Condor Commodore Ferry which has sailed that morning from Horton's home patch, Portsmouth to Guernsey.   Horton was to dine with his old friend Inspector John Guilbert when Guilbert gets called to view the body, that of a woman found dead in her locked cabin. It looks to be natural causes or suicide.  It's not Horton's case. No sooner does he arrive back in Portsmouth and is on the boat in the marina where he lives when he is called out to investigate the death of a vagrant. This clearly is murder.

Soon, as usual, Horton gets embroiled in a complex case which demands all his intuition and skills to solve uncovering dark secrets that have led to lethal waves of destruction.

I was recently asked at a talk that I gave if I still get a thrill at holding the finished and published copy of my crime novel in my hands and my answer is undoubtedly yes!


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