Top crime novels in the UK most borrowed library league

I'm delighted to report that my crime novels featuring the flawed and rugged Inspector Andy Horton, my Art Marvik mystery series and my standalone thrillers are among some of the most borrowed crime novels from British Libraries.  My heartfelt thanks to libraries and to all my library readers for putting me there. I am so glad you enjoy reading my crime novels. My books have been loaned out in the UK over two hundred thousand times.

Public Lending Rights (PLR) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1979. It gives authors the legal right to receive payment from the government each time their books are loaned through the public library system. Under the PLR system in the UK, payment is made from government funds to authors, illustrators and other contributors whose books are borrowed from public libraries. Payments are made annually on the basis of loans data collected from a sample of public libraries in the UK. The Irish Public Lending Remuneration (PLR) system covers all libraries in the Republic of Ireland and operates in a similar way.  American authors do not receive PLR payment.

PLR systems have been established in many countries around the world including Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France and Ireland. British authors can benefit from PLR payments in these countries which have a reciprocal agreement with the UK.

 Once again a huge thank you to all my readers who have borrowed my books from libraries across the UK and overseas. Libraries form an essential part of our culture and change lives.  If it hadn't been for a small local library in the city where I lived  as a child, Portsmouth, I would never have discovered the joy of reading and been inspired to become an author.

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