World Book Day

The Big Day has arrived at last and alas I didn't win the World Book Day Prize. But it's been great fun participating not to mention nail biting! I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me and has got behind IN COLD DAYLIGHT. The book still remains on the World Book Day web site and you can continue to leave comments. In Cold Daylight came third in the online national poll out of 100 books and of that I am immensely proud. What is more important though to me than winning is the fact that so many people have enjoyed reading In Cold Daylight, and that I have learnt this thriller and my crime novels have a universal appeal. My readers come from all walks of life and my books are read by all ages. I have heard tales of them being passed around families from grandparents to parents to teenagers and they are read by both men and women. That is great, because I believe that I am in the business of entertaining and if I am achieving that then I am heartily pleased.

It's a busy day for me today on World Book Day and I am looking forward to it. Here is my itinerary so far:

World Book Day 6 March 2008

9am to 11am – I will be talking about my crime novels and signing books at Portsmouth Grammar School (organised by the Hayling Island Book Shop)
11.15am to11.30am – Interview with Express FM
2.15pm to 4pm – I will be at Portsmouth Central Library, giving a talk and book signing
6.05pm to 6.20pm – I will be participating in a radio interview on BBC Radio Solent

Hope to give you feedback and photos soon.

Once again many thanks to you all. Be back soon.


Juliet said…
Commiserations - but third is a very creditable place and ICD will continue to be read and talked about in any event.

Sounds like you have a very busy day ahead - hope all goes well, and at least your nails can start to grow back again now!
Martin Edwards said…
Pauline, it's a great achievement to have reached such a high position in the list and I hope you're feeling very pleased about it. You certainly should be.
Pauline Rowson said…
Thanks to both of you for all your support. Yes, I am delighted.

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