Thursday, 29 October 2020

A map of where the DI Andy Horton Mysteries are set

I've updated the map (October 2020) of where the Inspector Andy Horton mystery crime novels are set to include number fifteen in the series featuring the flawed and rugged Portsmouth detective, A DEADLY WAKE, published in June 2020 in paperback, e book, Amazon Kindle and Kobo.

Just click on the pointers and up will pop the name and details of the Inspector Andy Horton crime novel set in that location.

Have fun.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

The Suffocating Sea - DI Andy Horton #3 A gripping, suspense-filled murder case

A body on a burning boat leads Horton into an investigation that has startling personal consequences. As Horton is forced to confront his past he's faced with a dangerous adversary who will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from coming out... 

Selected as the "Best of British Crime Fiction" by The Book Depository 

"A gripping, suspense-filled murder entertaining read in an engaging series..." Booklist

Paperback, ebook, Amazon Kindle

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Countdown to publication of second 1950s set Inspector Ryga Mystery

Death in the Harbour an Inspector Ryga mystery by Pauline Rowson Yes, we're on the countdown to publication of Inspector Ryga #2 DEATH IN THE HARBOUR on 2 November 2020.

DEATH IN THE HARBOUR  will be published in paperback, ebook, and on Amazon Kindle.  The audio book can also be downloaded from the producer B7 Media website and will be available on Audible at the end of November.

Here's hoping my readers enjoy this second investigation by Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Ryga who is joined once again by former war photographer Eva Paisley on a baffling case set in the busy port of Newhaven in East Sussex in December 1950.

Myra Swinley is convinced that her police constable husband’s death was no accident, and that he would never have lost his footing on a dark, foggy November night on the quayside of Newhaven Harbour while on his beat. Determined to get to the truth she visits Scotland Yard to ask his former friend, Detective Superintendent Street, to investigate.   Street says they have no basis to do so, but when Myra fails to return home from her visit to the Yard, Inspector Ryga is sent down to the Sussex coast to investigate. 

Accompanied by former war photographer, Eva Paisley, who has been airlifted back to England after suffering a wound incurred in Korea, Ryga’s investigation soon begins to uncover some puzzling facts.  Painstakingly, and with Eva’s assistance, Ryga begins to unravel the mystery of why an ordinary police constable was murdered and his sensible law-abiding wife has gone missing.

Published in paperback, as an e book, on Kobo and Amazon Kindle on 2 November. Buy DEATH IN THE HARBOUR

Monday, 26 October 2020

On location with Marvik in mystery thriller DANGEROUS CARGO


Kimmeridge Bay featured in Dangerous CargoHere I am on a very wet day in June 2016  on the coast of Dorset featured in Marvik mystery thriller 2 DANGEROUS CARGO.  It was my second visit  to the area, the first was to undertake some location research while working on the novel

DANGEROUS CARGO is  the second in the series to feature undercover investigator, former Royal Marine Commando, Art  Marvik with  SILENT RUNNING (1)  and LOST VOYAGE (2).

In DANGEROUS CARGO Marvik tracks down a man he believes is involved in murder to Clavells Cafe and Restaurant in Kimmeridge Bay.

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Friday, 23 October 2020

Continuing my nostalgic theme in the absence of giving talks here's one I made earlier!

 Pauline Rowson thrills the audience at Fordingbridge Library- Pre Coronavirus Days!

Pauline Rowson talking to readers at Fordingbridge LibraryThe small country town of Fordingbridge in the New Forest on the banks of the River Avon once famous for its smuggling and the infamous Captain Diamond, the 'Smuggler King', was the location for another crime this time fictional when I  entertained readers at Fordingbridge Library with tales of my fictional crime busting heroes, Inspector Andy Horton and undercover investigator, Art Marvik on Thursday 19 October 2017.

This was three years before Coronavirus and all its consequences reared its ugly and unwelcome head, putting paid to so much of our social interchange including talks like this, although I am delighted that the libraries have re-opened.  So here I am revisiting some of my previous talks and feeling nostalgic.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Inspector Ryga in the 1950s set mystery - embarks on his second investigation in DEATH IN THE HARBOUR

The Inspector Ryga Mysteries
 The 1950s set Inspector Ryga Mystery series features Scotland Yard detective, Ryga, who is sent out to investigate baffling coastal crimes. Ryga, a former German prisoner-of-war, teams up with former war photographer, Eva Paisley, in the first in the series, DEATH IN THE COVE set on the Island of Portland, Dorset, and again in DEATH IN THE HARBOUR set in Newhaven Port, East Sussex. It is a partnership set to continue and destined to solve many more a multi-layered coastal crimes.

Ryga's experience at sea, and as a prisoner-of-war, has made him unique in his approach to solving coastal based crimes.  He's observant, analytical and reflective.  He's witnessed compassion, cruelty, cowardice and heroism, mental breakdown and despair. He’s made a promise to himself that whatever happens after the war he’ll keep an open mind and never judge.

Whereas Ryga is quiet, reflective, analytical, Eva is very self-assured.  She’s forthright, sociable, and comfortable in her own skin, professional with a successful career, a formidable reputation behind her, along with a taste for danger. Her observations seen through the lens of her camera are disturbing, enlightening and thought provoking.

They make a formidable team - villains beware!

DEATH IN THE COVE is available in paperback, e book, Kindle and audio book.

DEATH IN THE HARBOUR (published 2 November 2020) is available in paperback, ebook, Kindle and audio book.


Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Pauline Rowson's mystery thrillers now on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, read a preview and read for FREE

Yes, my two early mystery thrillers IN COLD DAYLIGHT and IN FOR THE KILL are now available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for FREE so if you are new to my books or haven't read my early ones and you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited now is your chance to try them. They are also available to buy on Amaon in paperback and on Kindle download for some fabulous prices.

An award winning thriller about one man's quest  to discover the truth behind the deaths of fire fighters


Before fire-fighter Jack Bartholomew can reveal the cause of his own and his colleagues’ cancer he is murdered and silenced forever. But in a cryptic message he orchestrated before his untimely death, he has left a trail of clues that will lead his friend, Marine Artist, Adam Greene, into a labyrinth of lies, secrets and government conspiracy

"Pauline Rowson's novels are packed with twists and turns. This is an enjoyable crime novel. Great Stuff.' Caroline Mileham, Books Buyer,


A compelling thriller of identity theft, fraud, embezzlement and murder


For Alex Albury the nightmare that destroyed his life will only end in death; his or his tormentor’s. With its twists and turns the reader is sucked into a frightening and totally believable world of deception, betrayal and revenge in a highly topical story that has its roots deep in the past.

"A change of direction at every turn. Keep notes on all the players. If you like Jeffery Deaver, you'll love this story. The best mystery I've ever read by a female author." Amazon 5* Review

"Rowson weaves terrific plots around memorable characters. Her writing is as sharp as a punch in the ribs. Attention-grabbing. Compulsive. Next one please!" Hampshire Life Magazine.    

Available in  paperback, or as an e book on Amazon Kindle or read FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Sunday, 18 October 2020

How research on the Island of Portland inspired two crime novels


Isle of Portland, DorsetI first fell in love with the Royal Island of Portland in Dorset while researching for one of my Art Marvik mystery thrillers, DANGEROUS CARGO, no. 2 in the series, which is set on the Jurassic coast of Dorset. I was so taken with the island's rugged coastline, its wild beauty, scarred landscape of abandoned quarries and isolated bays that I felt compelled to set another crime novel there, this time Portland of the past. 
DEATH IN THE COVE, the first in the 1950s set Inspector Ryga mysteries is therefore set on the island, when Scotland Yard detective, Ryga, is sent there to investigate the death of a man wearing a pin striped suit found on the secluded Chuch Ope Cove. Here he meets war photographer, Eva Paisley.

Read more about what inspired me on the Isle of Portland and see the photographs

Friday, 16 October 2020

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Ah, October, where has the year gone? Even with all the upheaval of Covid-19 time seems to be flying by.  In my October newsletter if you're an audio book fan then many of my novels are available to listen to. Coming soon is DEATH IN THE HARBOUR, Inspector Ryga 2 which is also published in paperback, ebook and Kindle on 2 November - watch the book trailer; a focus on Marvik mystery thriller 1. SILENT RUNNING; an article on how writing crime fiction can give the author control and two new video uploads, one on the DI Andy Horton series and the other a snappy little fun look at my library talks of the past way down south - of England that is - (fun video of my talks up north and in South Wales to come next month). Do get in touch if you have any comments or queries.


Thursday, 15 October 2020

Art Marvik is on a mission to solve a fifty year old mystery in DANGEROUS CARGO

DANGEROUS CARGO opens in the Dorset coastal town of Swanage where former Royal Marine Commando, turned undercover investigator, Art Marvik, finds himself on a new assignment for the UK’s National Intelligence Marine Squad. (NIMS). It’s his second mission for NIMS (his first was in SILENT RUNNING). His task is to catch a ruthless killer whose murders span over half a century.

Marvik's investigations take him to the spectacular Dorset coast and to the seaside towns of Swanage and Poole. It also takes him (on his powerful motor cruiser) to the Hampshire waterfront town of Southampton and the Solent.

Here is where Dangerous Cargo is set and the details of Marvik's mission.

Tough, fearless and fit, Marvik is not bound by the rules of the law but he's engaged to work undercover for the UK's National Intelligence Squad (NIMS) reporting to Detective Chief Superintendent Crowder. Marvik is also assisted during his missions by Shaun Strathen a communications and computer intelligence expert and former marine colleague. Together they form a formidable team.

A rocky setting for Art Marvik in the thriller, Dangerous Cargo

Marvik is detailed to attend the funeral of a man who’d officially been declared dead fifty-five years earlier. So who is the imposter and why did he assume the name of a dead man? What’s more, why did he suddenly show up in a Dorset coastal town in 1989, hook up with a local fishing family, and after fathering a child, disappear in 1990? It's Marvik's job to find out. 

Swanage on the Dorset Coast, where crime novel, Dangerous Cargo opens

Swanage Bay where Art Marvik anchors up in Dangerous Cargo

When an innocent woman is killed during the course of the investigation, Marvik realizes that the stakes are much higher than he’d previously thought. As he begins to uncover a trail of deceit, corruption and murder that spans over half a century, Marvik must confront a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to make sure that the sins of the past stay in the past.

Marvik is on a mission to solve a 50 year old mystery

Dorset, the setting for Marvik Mystery, Dangerous Cargo

Dangerous Cargo is published in paperback, ebook on Amazon Kindle and Kobo and as an audio book.

It can also be loaned from UK, Commonwealth and USA libraries.

'Rowson’s superhero, Art Marvik, returns in another pulse-pounding adventure. Delivering more than enough action to keep adrenaline junkies reading.' Booklist

'Marvik's second outing is even more muscular than his debut, as Rowson edges her detective puzzles ever closer to thriller territory.' Kirkus Reviews USA

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

What makes super hero undercover investigator Art Marvik tick?

Former Royal Marine Commando, Special Boat Services Officer, Art Marvik is tough, highly trained, fearless, intelligent and fit.  Injuries inflicted while in combat have forced him to leave the Marines and seek a new life in Civvy Street. He thought he’d be able to adjust and carve out a new career for himself on the sea, but his first job as a private maritime security operative goes very wrong when the luxury motor cruiser he was travelling on and had been detailed to guard, gets attacked by pirates in the Indian Ocean, and Marvik finds himself with a bullet in his shoulder and the boat’s owner dead. He failed on his first mission in civilian life, and SILENT RUNNING the first in the Marvik mystery thriller series, opens with him reeling from it.

Soon though he is launched on a new and dangerous career working as an undercover investigator for the UK's secret law enforcement agency, the National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS) headed by Detective Superintendent Philip Crowder. Marvik is aided in his investigations by his former Royal Marine colleague, communications, surveillance and IT expert, amputee, Shaun Strathen.

Marvik’s task is to go in to investigations comparatively cold with minimal information from Crowder even though Crowder knows more. But Marvik’s role is to ask questions, to stir up trouble, to provoke a killer into the open and to risk his life in doing so. Marvik is no stranger to staring death in the face.  He’s been doing it all his adult life.

His biggest fear is being injured and incapacitated, being weak and having to rely on others. Fiercely independent and resilient since the age of seventeen when his parents - his mother a renowned marine archaeologist and his father an equally renowned oceanographer- were killed in a underwater explosion in the Straits of Malacca, Marvik’s family became the Marines.  Now that family has gone.

Marvik knows the sea intimately having spent much of his life on and under it. His missions for the National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS) take him across the Solent and along the south coast of England, forcing him out of isolation in his remote cottage on the Isle of Wight and as the missions increase so too the danger to him personally.  But Marvik is smart and tough. He can operate outside the law and does so because the job demands it. He’s not always right though. He makes mistakes, he misjudges people.  Sometimes the consequences are shocking and disturbing.


The Art Marvik mystery thrillers by Pauline Rowson

"Fans of Rowson’s DI Andy Horton books will be delighted with her new series featuring former marine commando Art Marvik.A tense, terrifying thrill ride that twists and turns with dizzying speed, combined with a likable, smart, tough, but all too human hero, make this a cracking-good new series—action fans need Marvik on their radar." Booklist

'Rowson’s superhero, Art Marvik, returns in another pulse-pounding adventure. Delivering more than enough action to keep adrenaline junkies reading.' Booklist

'Marvik's second outing is even more muscular than his debut, as Rowson edges her detective puzzles ever closer to thriller territory.' Kirkus

"Dangerous Cargo is the sort of book where you can’t look away for a second, or you’ll be sunk, so to speak. Pauline Rowson is the queen of misdirection in this outing for former marine Art Marvik." Crime Review

"Plenty of action, I didn't want to put the book down. A good read for mystery/ thriller fans." Net Galley

'I loved this fast-paced story with enough twists and turns in a plot that kept me guessing right to the last page. If you enjoy an exciting crime novel, where you can rush breathlessly alongside the hero as he unravels a complicated mystery while fending off one danger after another, then you should give this one a try. It won't disappoint.' Rena George 5* Amazon Review

A map of where the DI Andy Horton Mysteries are set

I've updated the map (October 2020) of where the Inspector Andy Horton mystery crime novels are set to include number fifteen in the s...