Speed Networking Event Photographs

On 25 November I took part in a speed networking event for young students designed to help them examine career options involving English. Here, as promised are a couple of photographs from that event.

The event was organised by the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Education Business Partnership. There was only one school present, The City of Portsmouth Boys School, and only twelve students but the event was still worthwhile and enjoyable.

The students aged between 14 and 16 were spilt into groups of four and spent fifteen minutes talking to me and asking questions about my crime novels and my writing career before moving on to talk to other business people present. 

I enjoyed it and, from the feedback, so did the boys, which is more important. I was impressed by their intelligent questions and their ambitions, which included, for some of them, writing a book but when they were all much older (very sensible) and after establishing careers as an engineer, pharmacist, doctor, or journalist ( far more practical).  I wish them all well and thanks to the EBP for inviting me to take part.


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