For fans of crime fiction - National Crime Fiction Week - 14-20 June 2010

A nationwide celebration of crime writing is to take place in the UK 14-20 June 2010 under the banner of National Crime Fiction Week. It is an initiative from the Crime Writers' Association of Great Britain (CWA) to help promote and raise the profile of crime fiction, which is already one of the most popular genres in the UK.

Crime fiction encompasses a vast array of novels from cosy murders, to gruesome hard boiled stuff, from historical to romantic suspense, thrillers, private detective, police procedurals and probably lots more in between. 

My novels In For The Kill and In Cold Daylight  are classed as thrillers while the marine mystery series of crime novels featuring my flawed and rugged hero, Inspector Andy Horton, are detective police procedurals.  They are not gruesome, because I'm not a fan of reading gruesome crime novels myself, neither are they full of endless descriptions, but are fast-paced, and, I am pleased to say, have been classed as 'entertaining and engaging.'  If you are not familiar with them then you can read the first chapter of each of my novels on line if you visit my web site and see if they are to your taste.

As a member of the CWA I hope to be taking part in some criminal activity - honest stuff that is - over that week in June but of course, I don't need a special week for undertaking speaking engagements and book signings. Mine are spread throughout the year.  You can find out more about these on this blog or on my official web site.

CWA members up and down the UK will be taking part in readings, discussions, readers' group events and workshops June 14 to 20, so if you'd like to check out what is happening in your area then please visit the special web site set up to promote National Crime Fiction Week.

If you are interested in me attending an event in your area then please do not hesitate to contact me through my web site or through the National Crime Fiction web site.

A key part of National Crime Fiction Week will be the announcement of the winner of the Young Crime Writers' Competition, organised by the CWA in partnership with library authorities nationwide, and for which I am the judge for the south coast of England. I'm really looking forward to reading the entries. And who knows talent spotting a potential crime writer of the future. 


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