It's all about crime - on TV that is

I was notified of an interesting new blog the other day, which is all about cop dramas and thrillers coming to UK television and radio, so if you're a fan of these programmes, as I am, (although I don't like them too grisly) this blog has to be regular reading. It's called crimetimepreview and provides comments and information on the up and coming cop shows.

I would love to see my own crime novels and thrillers on screen, or hear them performed on the radio, and indeed have had interest expressed in them from both UK and USA production companies but no options yet and nothing in production, but who knows.

It must be fascinating to see your work come to life and nail-biting too wondering what the production company will do with it, which actors they will choose to play your characters and whether or not they have cast the correct ones.  The US production company was interested in casting Jason Statham as my Inspector Andy Horton and I thought him a rather good choice, nice and edgy, but he'd just signed for another cop show in America so he was out, and since then, well I'm still waiting. 

The Solent would make a great backdrop for a television show too, and before you say no not like Howards Way for those who remember the 1985 - 1990 series.  And yes, what if they get it wrong and it's a complete flop? 

As it says on

"Two popular Brit detectives make the leap from the novel to small screen soon – Mark Billingham's spooky cop Tom Thorne and Peter Robinson's DCI Banks.... UK telly honchos are always seeking the holy grail of the next Morse, or even a Wexford. But the listings mags are filled with forgotten entries for such flops as Rebus, ITV miserably failing to capture the cussedness and self-destructiveness of Ian Rankin's brilliant character. We'll soon know whether Peter Robinson, Mark Billingham and their many readers will enjoy a better result. "

Well, that's one thing I don't have to worry about. Yet!


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