Spot the name competition- an idea for the Crime & the City - CSI Portsmouth event 6 November 2010

Yes, the PR machine is now in full swing and the word is spreading about the forthcoming Portsmouth Bookfest (23 October - 14 November) and also for my own event Crime & the City - CSI Portsmouth on Saturday 6 November, where I will be joined by crime authors; Simon Brett, Graham Hurley, Peter Lovesey and June Hampson as well as experts from the Scenes of Crime, fingerprinting bureau and forensic specialists from Portsmouth University.

Posters are going up at bustops around Portsmouth, the programmes are being distributed and what's more posters are also going up at Waterloo and Victoria railway stations in London. So exciting. I might have to make a special trip to London to see my name up there in lights... OK, so not actually in lights... and maybe no one will notice anyway... but hey, it's still exciting!

I've created a new dedicated page on this blog about the Portsmouth Bookfest, Crime & the City, CSI Portsmouth event where you can read all about this and find out how to buy tickets.

There is also a new dedicated page on my official web site, where again you can get information and click through to details on the participating authors.

I have a couple of radio and press interviews coming up, so will keep you posted on these.  Meanwhile if you spot any of the posters (particularly at Waterloo or Victoria) and if you spot my name please let me know by leaving a comment on my blog. I could even start a spot the name competition - post a photograph of it on Twitter or Facebook  and you might even get a prize!!!


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