Checking proofs of Death Lies Beneath this weekend, the new DI Horton crime novel to be published July 2012

I'll be working on checking the proofs of Death Lies Beneath this weekend, the eighth DI Andy Horton crime novel which will be published at the end of July.

Checking proofs is not my favourite job, as I've mentioned before, because I usually have the urge to change things and know that it is too late to do so. Plus I'd much rather be writing the next in the DI Horton marine mystery series which I am currently doing.  I'm now working on second drafts of  Horton number nine.

Meanwhile, A Killing Coast, the seventh in the Horton series, is published in hardcover in the USA this month. It's already published in the UK.

And here's a taster of what is to come in Death Lies Beneath, which can be pre-ordered via any on line bookstore including Amazon or at your local bookshop. You can also reserve it at your local library. 

When ex con, Daryl Woodley is found dead on the marshes bordering Langstone Harbour the Intelligence Directorate believe his murder is linked to big time crook Marty Stapleton currently serving time in prison. DI Horton is not so sure. He attends Woodley’s funeral in the hope it will give them a lead in an investigation that has drawn a blank at every turn. It does but not in the way he or anyone expected. A body found on a rotting boat being salvaged in Portsmouth Harbour throws Horton into a complex and frustrating investigation. As the tension mounts to solve the case, Horton receives a chilling message; time, it seems, is also running out for him personally…


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