5* Review for latest DI Andy Horton novel - Shroud of Evil

5 * review for  Shroud of Evil, the new DI Andy Horton crime novel on Amazon.

"This is yet another brilliant installment in a thoroughly enjoyable, original crime series by a talented British author. The on-going sub-plot surrounding Andy Horton’s history is highly addictive, not to mention his possible love interest. This story is set mostly on the Isle of Wight, and is full of twists and turns, colourful characters and hints of disharmony and mistrust between colleagues in the police force. I like Pauline Rowson’s writing style of traditional whodunit with modern twists and realistic procedural content, and unlike most of todays authors, she doesn’t flood each chapter with unnecessary violence.

This is her best book so far where Horton is determined to catch his man, but is he barking up the wrong tree, and are his emotions getting in the way of doing the job? I’m not going to give away any plot spoilers, so you’ll have to buy this book and read it for yourself. It’s excellent. Hope the next book is on its way soon!"

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DI Andy Horton number 11 - Shroud of Evil - is now published in the UK and Commonwealth. It will be published in the USA in August 2014.

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