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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Silent Running, the explosive new Art Marvik marine crime novel from Pauline Rowson

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Midhurst enthusiastic about mystery - Pauline Rowson entertains the audience with crime writing tales

An enthusiastic audience greeted me in the West Sussex historic market town of Midhurst on a wet and windy afternoon in November to listen spellbound on how I write my crime novels which are set against the backdrop of the sea on the South Coast of England. The historic town has provided inspiration for many writers including Hillaire Belloc, John Wyndham and my fellow crime author the late Ruth Rendell.

Pauline Rowson talking to members of Midhurst U3A about her marine based crime novels

The audience listened enraptured as I explained where I draw my inspiration from, how I develop plot lines and create characters including my new hero, former Royal Marine Commando, Art Marvik   introduced in Silent Running published in 2015 and my flawed and rugged sailing detective  DI Andy Horton.


Pauline Rowson explaining how she plots her crime novels to Midhurst U3A members

The DI Andy Horton  crime novels have recently been option by top UK production company Lime Pictures, producers of Chanel 4's Hollyoaks, who are seeking to bring the enigmatic sailing detective to the TV screens.

The latest in the DI Andy Horton series to be published by Severn House in paperback is Shroud of Evil  with the twelfth in the Horton series, Fatal Catch,  now be published in hardcover and as an ebook from 20 December 2015. 

I also talked about  my standalone thrillers, In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill, which like the Horton series are set on the South Coast of England.

My crime novels have been hailed in the USA and the UK as 'Exemplary, 'Compelling,' 'Cleverly plotted,' and the 'Best in British Crime Fiction.'  My talk  was followed by a lively Question and Answer session and a book signing.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon and great to meet some DI Andy Horton fans and introduce my crime novels to some new readers.

Pauline Rowson signing copies of her crime novels at Midhurst

You can view all my speaking engagements on my events page on my website

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A look back at CSI Portsouth 2014 and a taste of what's to come in CSI Portsmouth 2016 where crime fiction meets crime fact - Saturday 5 March 2016

Top crime authors and forensic experts lined up for this thrilling and informative one day event where crime fiction meets crime fact. Panel guests to be announced soon. CSI Portsmouth 2016

Saturday 5 March 2016

Venue: Pyramids Centre, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea.

Tickets on sale January 2016

CSI Portsmouth 2016 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Learn the secrets of successful crime writing with Pauline Rowson at Farnborough Library - Saturday 28 November

An Art Marvik Marine Thriller

Crime author, Pauline Rowson is to visit Farnborough Library, Hampshire on Saturday 28 November at 10.30am when she will be giving a talk on how she plots,  researches and writes her popular crime novels set in the Solent area on the South Coast of England.

Tickets  cost £4.00 which includes tea/coffee and  can be bought online or by telephone on 01252 516458.

Pauline Rowson is the author of twelve novels in the DI Andy Horton series, two standalone crime novels and the first in a new crime series, introducing former Royal Marine Commando, Special Boat Services Officer, Art Marvik in Silent Running published by Severn House in 2015. The second in the Art Marvik marine crime series, Dangerous Cargo, is to be published in spring 2016.

Fatal Catch the twelfth and latest  in the popular DI Andy Horton crime series  was published in the UK in hardcover by Severn House Publishers  in September 2015. It  will be published in the USA on the 1 January 2016 and released as an ebook on 20 December 2015.

The DI Andy Horton crime novels are set against the atmospheric backdrop of the sea in the Solent area of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight on the South Coast of England where Pauline Rowson lives. They have been hailed as "compelling," "multi-layered and complex" "a great read for mystery lovers".

Rowson's flawed and rugged detective, DI Andy Horton,  has been described by US reviewer Booklist as " an especially good series hero, a likeable fellow with plenty of street smarts and the requisite personal baggage – an abrasive supervisor and an antagonistic soon-to-be ex-wife. Procedural fans who haven’t already read Rowson should be encouraged to do so in the strongest possible terms."

The DI Andy Horton series has been optioned by top UK television production company Lime Pictures, makers of Channel 4's Hollyoaks,who are seeking to bring the enigmatic sailing detective to the television screens. Translated into several languages Rowson's crime novels have received critical acclaim both in the USA and the UK.

Pauline Rowson will be at Farnborough Library Saturday 28 November 2015 at 10.30am.  Tickets  cost £4.00 which includes tea/coffee and  can be bought online or by telephone on 01252 516458.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Now here's a good place to put a body - No Man's Fort in the Solent with DI Andy Horton

This month I visited an Amazing Venue, literally, thanks to the company bearing that name because they own three landmarks, or should I say seamarks, in the Solent, all of which I am very familiar with having grown up in Portsmouth but none of which I have ever visited. On the 4 November I got the chance to change that and it was indeed a case of the boat waiting for no man as it took me out on to the Solent to the Victorian Fort of No Man's all in the aid of research for DI Andy Horton number 14.

No Man's Fort, Solent

I have featured one of the Forts before in the DI Andy Horton crime novel A Killing Coast, when a body is found floating off Spitbank Fort.  This time for the new DI Andy Horton I thought about the plot-line connecting with something or someone actually on one of the four forts in the Solent and as three are owned by Amazing Venues I thought I should ask their permission if I could use one in the novel. To my delight not only did they say they have no objection but they also offered to assist me with my research by taking me (and my husband, Bob) out to No Man's Fort.

Amazing Venues own three of the four Solent Forts: Spitbank, No Man's and Horse Sands. The fourth St Helen's is privately owned and not in use.  Spitbank Fort and No Man's Fort have been transformed into totally unique hotels while Horse Sand's Fort is to remain as it was when the navy left it and is to become a museum, well worth a visit and I am sure I will be back to get more ideas for a future DI Andy Horton crime novel.

Pauline Rowson checking in at Solent Forts Office and shop Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth renamed Oyster Quays in the DI Horton crime novels

Then it was off to the boat waiting to take us out of Portsmouth Harbour into a rain-drenched Solent but no matter it was great for atmosphere and I could just imagine Andy on board the Fort's private boat or perhaps with PCs Elkins and Ripley on the marine police unit's launch.  Not with Sergeant Cantelli though, as readers of the Horton novels know that poor Cantelli gets sea sick just looking at the sea. Perhaps though he has no choice but to go! Would I be so cruel?

A rain soaked day on the Solent heading out of Portsmouth Harbour, Sir Ben Ainslie’s America’s Cup boat, Wightlink ferry and Brittany ferry sailing out behind

We arrived at No Man's Fort in the pouring rain but were given a very warm welcome and were soon exploring the magnificent interior somewhat drastically changed since it was built in 1880 to protect Portsmouth Harbour from the marauding French for which purpose it was never used.

The Atrium, No Man's Fort, Solent Forts

The fort was originally equipped with forty nine guns and was the first fort in England, possibly Europe, to use hydraulic power to raise the ammunition from the sea bunkers (basement) to the firing positions. It was also the first to be lighted throughout by electricity.

Pauline Rowson on research in the tunnels and sea bunkers on No Man's Fort, Solent Forts

Completely renovated but retaining the tunnels and turning them into a feature with historical artifacts, No Man's Fort was opened in 2015.  It boasts a wonderful lighthouse giving spectacular views over the Solent, across to the Isle of Wight and to Portsmouth, including right into the harbour entrance.

A view from the lighthouse on No Man's Fort

Pauline Rowson on location research for DI Andy Horton crime novel on No man's Fort


Here I am making copious notes even in the rain!  Can you see Andy Horton here? I can.

No Man's Fort is three times the size of Spitbank Fort and offers twenty-two huge bedroom suites, its own lazer battle, sea golf, a hot house with firepit, a large rooftop firepit, sauna, hot tub, a cabaret bar and restaurant, as well as retaining the unique sea bunkers,  a must visit for any history fanatic and especially those keen on military history. The tunnels are extremely atmospheric. 

Pauline Rowson checking her notes and taking a break in the Ward Room

After the tour, lunch and a chance to explore this amazing fort it was time to head back to the mainland. A great day out and well worth the visit.

Solent Forts offer packages including overnight/2 day stays, day trips, lunches and venue hire.  Check out Solent Forts website for full details.

My thanks to the Solent Forts team and especially to my guide, Craig, who took us around the Fort and gave me so much useful information.  I came away with lots of inspiration for DI Andy Horton, not to mention a good place to put a body!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Book Trailer - Fatal Catch - DI Andy Horton investigates a gruesome haul

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

CSI Portsmouth where crime fiction meets crime fact - looking back to 2010 and forward to CSI Portsmouth 2016

Five years ago on Saturday 6 November the very first CSI Portsmouth event was held in Portsmouth, England. And in 2016 the sixth CSI Portsmouth where crime fiction meets crime fact will be held on Saturday 5 March 2016 at the Pyramids Centre, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea.


From the first CSI Portsmouth was a hit not only with the audience but with the crime authors and experts who enjoy it as much as the audience.  The idea for a CSI event came to me as a result of being asked many times during my talks how I researched the forensic and police procedural aspects of my crime novels.  I approached Portsmouth Library Service about holding an event aimed at bringing together crime authors and crime experts in a panel debate. They loved it and as they were also about to launch the very first Portsmouth BookFest, a fortnight long festival to celebrate the love of reading, it seemed the perfect time to stage the event.

So on Saturday 6 November 2010 a clutch of crime writers came face to face with police and forensic experts to debate fact meets fiction in a lively, entertaining event at the John Pounds Community Centre in Queens Street, Portsmouth. Tickets were sold out before the event.

In the morning June Hampson, Simon Brett and myself (Pauline Rowson) faced the crime experts, Dr Paul Smith, a crime scene expert from the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth; Martin Chudley from Hampshire Police and Dr Claire Nee, a Forensic Psychologist also from the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth.

CSI Portsmouth 2010 crime authors and experts morning panel, having a laugh.

CSI Portsmouth 2010, crime authors and experts afternoon panel

The panel was expertly chaired by Cheryl Buggy a professional journalist and broadcaster and director of Portsmouth radio station, Express FM.

Cheryl also kept the afternoon panel in order. On this panel I was joined by my fellow crime authors Graham Hurley and Peter Lovesey along with experts Martin Chudley, Jane Aston, Supervisor with the Hampshire Police Fingerprint Bureau and Dr Claire Nee.

After the panel debate the  audience had their chance to put their questions to the panel following which the experts were available to talk to delegates, and the authors chatted and signed copies of their crime novels for the audience.  The books were provided by the official bookseller, the  Hayling Island Bookshop

Since then CSI Portsmouth has gone from strength to strength. Over the coming weeks I will be featuring CSI Portsmouth, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.  There was a gap in 2015 because the Portsmouth Bookfest dates have moved.  But CSI Portsmouth is back for 2016.

CSI Portsmouth where crime fiction meets crime fact CSI Portsmouth 2016 is on Saturday 5 March at the Pyramids Centre, Southsea. 


 Tickets on sale from 1 January 2016. 



It is a highly informative and entertaining day if you like crime fiction, police procedure, forensic analysis and true crime then don't miss it.

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