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Monday, 24 November 2014

Pauline Rowson entertains the audience at Fleet

A superb audience turned out in Fleet, Hampshire on 19 November to hear me talk about the inspiration behind my popular crime novels and how I plan, plot and write them. I talked about the Solent based crime series featuring the flawed and rugged Portsmouth copper DI Andy Horton.

Large audience greet crime author Pauline Rowson at Fleet U3A, talking about her Solent based crime novels

The latest in the DI Andy Horton series, Shroud of Evil, was published in the UK and USA in 2014 by Severn House. It is the eleventh to feature the enigmatic detective and is currently available in hardcover and as an ebook. It will be published in paperback in autumn 2015 when the twelfth in the Horton series, FATAL CATCH, will also be published in hardcover by Severn House.

DI Andy Horton number 11 in the series

During the talk I also treated the audience to a preview of the first in my crime series featuring former Royal Marine Commando, Special Boat Services Officer, Art Marvik, Silent Running, which is being published by Severn House in March 2015.

Pauline Rowson entertaining the audience at Fleet, talking about her crime novels

The audience listened enraptured as I spoke about my crime writing, where and how I get my inspiration from, how I develop plot lines and characters and the adventures of my fictional series detective, DI Andy Horton.

Pauline Rowson talking to the audience at Fleet about how she writes her crime novels

I also talked about the idea behind my standalone thrillers, In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill, which like the Horton series are set on the South Coast of England.  

After my talk the audience lined up to buy signed copies of my novels.  They were a delightful audience and I  thoroughly enjoyed talking to them. 2015 is going to be a very busy year for me with two new crime novels being published, two being released in paperback and lots of talks lined up.

Pauline Rowson signing copies of her crime novels at Fleet, Hampshire

You can view all my speaking engagements on my events page on my website where you can also see details of all my books.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

A great audience greets Pauline Rowson at Thornhill Baptist Church Over 50s Activity Day

I was delighted to be asked to speak to the audience at Thornhill Baptist Church, Southampton, on Wednesday 12 November as part of their bi-annual Over 50s Activity Day. I met some lovely people who listened spellbound as I recounted how I plan and plot my crime novels and where I draw inspiration from.

Pauline Rowson entertaining the audience with tales of crime at Thornhill Park Over 50s Day

Pauline Rowson talking about how she writes her popular crime novels at the Over 50s Activity Day at Thornhill Baptist Church

I talked about my hunky and flawed detective, DI Andy Horton and the locations for the crime series centred around him, and my standalone crime novels, In For The Kill and In Cold Daylight which is the Solent area on the South Coast of England.

Pauline Rowson talking about the mind maps she creates when writing her crime novel

I also explained how the idea for In Cold Daylight, came from a conversation I heard in the fire station in Southsea one day, where my husband was a fire fighter. The watch were discussing the high number of firefighters who had contracted cancer and some had sadly died. This sparked the idea for In Cold Daylight  in which anti-hero Adam Greene exposes an environmental and political scandal

I gave the audience a brief introduction to my new hero, Art Marvik, who will hit the streets in Silent Running in March 2015 with the launch of what is hopefully the first in the series.  Marvik is a former Royal Marine Commando, Special Boat Services Officer and he gets sucked into a dangerous mission to  stop a ruthless killer before he kills again.

I gave a reading from the DI Andy Horton novel, The Suffocating Sea before taking questions from the floor. These ranged from choosing titles for my novels, to how do I switch off from writing, and how do I choose characters names.

I then spent some time signing books and chatting to individuals.

My thanks to Thornhill Baptist Church for asking me to be a guest speaker and for making me very welcome. Thanks also to the lovely audience. I really enjoyed being part of your day.


Friday, 21 November 2014

Video Trailer- the DI Andy Horton crime series - gripping, compelling, multi-layered.

Where to buy 

The DI Andy Horton crime novels and standalone thrillers, In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill are available in a number of formats including, hardcover, paperback, large print, audio book and ebook format from all major book retailers, independent bookshops and on line.

Also available on Kindle, Kobo and Nook and can be borrowed from libraries within the UK, USA and Commonwealth.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

CSI Portsmouth where crime fiction meets crime fact

CSI Portsmouth 2014 was a resounding success which saw over 100 people pack The Princess Royal Gallery at the National Museum of the Royal Navy in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard on Saturday 8 November 2014 to hear two panel debates on crime fiction versus crime fact at the fifth annual CSI Portsmouth.

Pauline Rowson introducing the morning panel at CSI Portsmouth 2014

CSI Portsmouth 2014, which is part of Portsmouth BookFest, was conceived by me and I organise it with the help and support of Portsmouth City Council Library Service. It brings together top selling crime authors, police and forensic experts for a one day entertaining and informative debate on crime fiction and crime fact.

The morning panel at CSI Portsmouth 2014

On the morning panel Pauline Rowson joined forces with crime writer M.C. Beaton and with crime experts Dr Katherine Brown, a Forensic Entomologist at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth and Terrence Napier, Footwear Mark Examiner, with Hampshire Police.

Crime authors Pauline Rowson and MC Beaton with Dr Katherine Brown, ICJS, Forensic Entomologist Portsmouth University and Terrence Napier, Hampshire Police

My crime novels are set in the Solent area of the UK on the South Coast of England and feature the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton.  They have been hailed in the UK and the USA as the 'Best of British Crime Fiction,' and have been translated into several languages including Chinese.

The eleventh in the DI Horton series, SHROUD OF EVIL was published by Severn House in April 2014, while the first in my new crime series to feature a new hero, former Royal Marine Commando, Special Boat Services Officer Art Marvik, SILENT RUNNING, is to be published by Severn House in March 2015 with the twelfth in the DI Andy Horton series, FATAL CATCH, to be published in  September 2015.

Crime author MC Beaton answering a question put by crime author Pauline Rowson at CSI Portsmouth 2014


 M.C Beaton is the author of the Hamish Macbeth novels and the Agatha Raisin series. She is the most borrowed British adult fiction author in UK libraries with over a million borrowings in the last year. She answered questions about the inspiration behind her crime novels, her characters and how she researches them.

Dr Katherine Brown, Forensic Entomologist and Terrence Napier, Footwear Mark Examiner, Hampshire Police at CSI Portsmouth 2014


Dr Katherine Brown, a Forensic Entomologist and Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth, talked the audience through the various stages of the development of flies and maggots in the decomposition of a human body, while Terrence Napier, Footwear Mark Examiner for Hampshire Police Scientific Services, explained how prints are taken at a crime scene and how they are analysed in the lab. 

Audience chatting to morning panel members CSI Portsmouth 2014

This was followed by questions from the audience, a book signing and the chance for individuals to chat to the panel guests.

The afternoon panel at CSI Portsmouth 2014

The afternoon audience at CSI Portsmouth 2014 were entertained  with tales of drug busting, intelligence gathering and covert source recruitment.

Crime authors Pauline Rowson, Jessie Keane with Roger Wood and Mandy Horsburgh Hants, Police, and crime author Hilary Bonner, CSI Portsmouth 2014

Crime author Hilary Bonner answering a question at CSI Portsmouth - crime author Jessie Keane - Roger Wood and Mandy Horsburgh Hants Police

The afternoon panel, grilled by Pauline Rowson, comprised of crime authors Jessie Keane and Hilary Bonner with crime experts, Sergeant Roger Wood and DI Mandy Horsburgh of Operation Fortress, Hampshire Police.

Jessie Keane talked about her gangland crime novels featuring Annie Carter, head of a London gang family and how her background has influenced her writing.  While Hilary Bonner, a former Fleet Street journalist and show business editor of three national newspapers and assistant editor of one, spoke about her keen interest in creating psychological thrillers drawn from real life events.

Sergeant Roger Wood spoke about aspects of intelligence gathering and monitoring suspects in regards to counter terrorism and the recruitment of covert sources of intelligence and cyber crime. While DI Mandy Horsburgh, who works within Operation Fortress, one of the biggest, most significant stand-alone projects ever to be launched by the Hampshire Constabulary, with its own 31-strong dedicated investigation and enforcement team, spoke about how they tackle the most serious violent drug-related crimes alongside organized criminal groups who pose the most risk to communities.

Roger Wood, Hampshire Police answering a question at CSI Portsmouth 2014 with crime author Jessie Keane

The panel debate was again followed by questions from the audience, a book signing and the chance for individuals to chat to the panel guests.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day set against the fantastic backdrop of the sea in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. As well as local Portsmouth people attending there were those from Devon,London, Surrey and Dorset. I’d like to thank all the panel guests and participants who gave of their time and expertise so generously. It was highly informative and intriguing.

Also at CSI Portsmouth were the Hampshire Police Fingerprint bureau, a mock up crime scene provided by students on the Forensic Science Course at South Downs College and a forensic entomology display by the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, University of Portsmouth. The Hayling Island Bookshop were on hand to sell the authors books.

CSI Portsmouth

CSI Portsmouth  was first launched in 2010 and is the brainchild of Internationally acclaimed crime writer  Pauline Rowson, author of the DI Andy Horton series of crime novels, who organises the event with Portsmouth City Council Library Service.  It is part of Portsmouth BookFest and is now one of the major fixtures in the UK crime fiction festival calendar.

CSI Portsmouth, was sponsored by Bello, publisher Pan Macmillan’s digital imprint, which brings lost classic back to life.

Bello - criminally good fiction, bringing lost classics back to lifeAn imprint of Pan Macmillan, Bello brings lost classics back to life. Over 50% of Bello’s published titles are in the crime genre, ranging from Golden Age mysteries and short stories, to thrillers, cozy crime and detective fiction. Founded in 2011, Bello’s primary format is ebook, but each title is also released as a print-on-demand paperback, available through all bookshops offering POD, or direct to the reader through the Pan Macmillan website.

CSI Portsmouth is part of Portsmouth BookFest a festival of popular literature organised by Portsmouth City Council.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Pauline Rowson's new hero, former Royal Marine Commando, Art Marvik, in new crime series to be published Spring 2015

I'm thrilled to announce that Severn  House Publishers are to publish  the first in a brand new crime series featuring a brand new hero.  Let me introduce you to Art Marvik a former Royal Marine Commando, Special Boat Services Officer and give you a taste of what is to come.     

In the first of the series, called Silent Running, Marvik, adrift after leaving the marines, unexpectedly  finds himself being used as bait to catch a ruthless killer whose slaying spree spans the decades. In a race against time, Marvik is sucked  into a dangerous assignment and a web of deceit that will need all his skills,  and those of his friend, former Marine Special Forces Communicator, Shaun  Strathen, to get to the truth. Their mission, to stop a ruthless killer before he kills again. 

I will reveal more about Marvik  in the weeks to come. Meanwhile a note for your diaries.  Silent Running is to  be published in hardback in the UK in March 2015 and in the USA in September 2015, when it will also be released as an ebook and available on Kindle, Kobo, Nook and other devices.

Edwin Buckhalter, Chairman of Severn House, says, ‘Silent Running has all the hallmarks of a good  Rowson novel, the setting and atmosphere, the sailing and boats, interesting  characters, and the intricate, complex plot. It is certainly something that will excite her existing fans and bring in  new readers.’

And to those of you who are fretting about DI Andy Horton  never fear, DI Andy Horton returns to solve another unusual murder case in September 2015 when the twelfth in the series will be published, called Fatal Catch.  More about that later.

2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year.  I'll post more about Art Marvik and Andy Horton here shortly with jacket covers for both novels and more news about them.

For further information or media interviews please Contact Us.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Act One Perform 1940s Murder Mystery Play, Murder at the Pelican Club, by Pauline Rowson

Act One Drama in Kent did a great job in putting on my play, Murder at the Pelican Club, to packed audiences over three days on 30/31 October and November 1st and I was delighted to join them for the last night on Saturday.  The play is written in the vein of Agatha Christie's Poirot but with a dash of humour and music.

Cast, musicians, and director with author Pauline Rowson, Murder at the Pelican Club, Act One Drama

Murder at the Pelican Club is a departure for me as  writing crime novels are more my thing but I loved writing it and creating grumpy, middle-aged, gruff Inspector Doyle, the complete opposite to the rugged and flawed DI Andy Horton, and the action characters in my other crime novels. It is set in war torn Britain in 1940s Liverpool during the Blitz.  Inspector Doyle appears to be ponderous but underneath he has a wry sense of humour and is very sharp. I enjoyed writing in that period and have several more ideas for Doyle in the 1940s.

The audience were transported back to November 1940 and the Pelican nightclub and restaurant in Liverpool during the Blitz. The musicians entertained the audience at the Pelican Club before the play commenced.

The music before the show begins at the Pelican Club, 1940s England

 The  village hall became the nightclub and some of the audience even dressed up in 1940s clothes.

This is singer Tillie Trotman's last performance before leaving to entertain the troops overseas someone though is intent on stopping her. The murder takes place while the bombs are raining down.

It's a traditional whodunnit and a why done it with humour and lots of clues, but you have to watch and listen carefully to follow the twists and turns of the plot and then see if you've guessed right.

Murder at the Pelican Club a murder mystery play was performed by Act One Drama Group, New Ash Green, Kent.  My thanks to the cast, crew and musicians for putting on a great performance

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