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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Murder Mystery Play set in 1940s war torn England by Pauline Rowson to be performed in Kent 30/31 October and 1 November

30/31 October and 1 November

Be transported back to November 1940 and the Pelican nightclub and restaurant in Liverpool during the Blitz. Enjoy the live music while the murder takes place and see how the well drawn characters deal with the twists and turns of the plot. The village hall becomes the nightclub and snacks will be on sale to accompany the drink you can bring with you. If you really want to get involved come in 1940s dress! Miss it if you dare!

Murder at the Pelican Club a murder mystery play by Pauline Rowson performed by Act One, Ash Green, Kent. 

I loved writing about Inspector Doyle who is a bit grumpy, clumsy and appears to be ponderous but underneath he has a wry sense of humour and is very sharp I also enjoyed writing in that period and have several more ideas for Doyle in the 1940s.

Click here for more information and tickets.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Dead Man's Wharf - DI Andy Horton steps into a web of deceit and corruption

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

CSI Portsmouth 2014 Video Trailer - a one day event where crime fiction meets crime fact

Monday, 20 October 2014

Undercurrent - DI Andy Horton 9 - now available in Paperback

Undercurrent, the ninth in the popular crime series featuring the Portsmouth based copper, the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton has been published in paperback. It is already available as an ebook.

There are currently eleven  books in the DI Andy Horton series,  with the twelfth being published in Spring 2015. Like others in the Horton series, Undercurrent has received glowing reviews in the UK and America.

Library Journal in the USA said, "Those seeking an outstanding British police procedural will devour the ninth entry in Rowson’s sea-oriented series. Rowson’s plotting is deftly layered, and she successfully captures the mood of her protagonist’s tortured journey while creating abundant tension for the main plot of political intrigue."

The DI Andy Horton novels have been compared by reviewers with those in the "upper echelon of American procedurals by Ed McBain and Joseph Wambaugh and their British counterparts, including the work of Peter Robinson and John Harvey."

They have been hailed as "redefining the genre of the police drama” by setting it against the powerfully evocative backdrop of the ever changing sea in the Solent area on the South Coast of England. Her cops are tough yet fallible.

Undercurrent, the ninth in the DI Andy Horton series

Dr Douglas Spalding is found dead in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, the Major Crime Team is adamant it is suicide. Detective Inspector Horton is not so sure. Then another body is found in similar circumstances and Horton is convinced they’re looking at murder; but not so his bosses.  Angry and frustrated at the lack of investigation, Horton goes out on a limb to prove he’s right. Whichever way he turns, he finds the deaths have all the hallmarks of a cover up at the highest level, but who is behind it and why? Soon Horton begins to find disturbing similarities with his own private investigations into the disappearance of his mother thirty years ago. As he gets closer to the truth though someone is determined to prevent it from ever coming out, even if means death

Booklist says, "As usual, Rowson offers up a thorny, multifaceted plot; a profusion of unusual twists; a likable yet complex hero; and plenty of fast-paced, knuckle-biting action."

The DI Andy Horton crime series delivers a continuing narrative that includes compelling crimes, complex past history, a tough work environment, romantic entanglements and political intrigue and has attracted interest from film and television.

Friday, 17 October 2014

How to write a crime novel - turning overheard conversations into compel...

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

If you've enjoyed Pauline Rowson's crime novels please leave a review on Amazon

Recommendation is a great way to spread the news about a good book so if you've enjoyed reading any of my crime novels I'd be delighted if you could take the time to leave a review.

If you are a customer of Amazon (even if you didn't purchase my book via them) you can still leave a review by logging into your account and clicking on the crime novel/s you have read.

If you have read any of my crime novels please do take time to leave a review on Amazon UK  or Amazon USA even if it is a one line sentence. And for those of you who have already done so, many thanks.

A DI Andy Horton crime novel

Pauline Rowson's books are available in paperback, as ebooks, and on Kindle. Some are also available in hardback, in large print and as audio books.  They can be bought from any bookshop in the UK and USA and are available on loan from libraries in the UK, USA and Commonwealth.

Pauline Rowson is the author of two standalone crime novels, the award winning, In Cold Daylight, and In For The Kill and eleven novels in the popular police procedural DI Andy Horton series, set against the atmospheric backdrop of the every changing sea on the South Coast of England, in Portsmouth and on the Isle of Wight.
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