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Dangerous Cargo, is the second in the Art Marvik marine crime series  published by Severn House 

The first Silent Running was published in the UK and the USA in 2015 and has been hailed as,  'A tense, terrifying thrill ride that twists and turns with dizzying speed.'

In Dangerous Cargo, Marvik, has a new and deadly mission to accomplish for the National Intelligence Marine Squad (NIMS) to catch a ruthless killer whose murders span over half a century.

Kirkus reviews says, "Marvik's second outing is even more muscular than his debut, (Silent Running 2015) as Rowson edges her detective puzzles ever closer to thriller territory."

"Dangerous Cargo is the sort of book where you can’t look away for a second, or you’ll be sunk, so to speak. Pauline Rowson is the queen of misdirection in this outing for former marine Art Marvik." Crime Review

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Silent Running, the first in the Art Marvik Marine Crime Series 

Silent Running introduces former Royal Marine Commando, Special Boat Services Officer - Art Marvik.

Silent Running, an explosive marine thriller by Pauline Rowson

Adrift after leaving the marines, Marvik unexpectedly finds himself being used as bait to catch a ruthless killer whose slaying spree spans the decades. In a race against time, Marvik is sucked into a dangerous assignment and a web of deceit that will need all his skills, and those of his friend, former Marine Special Forces Communicator, Shaun Strathen, to get to the truth. Their mission, to stop a ruthless killer before he kills again.

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