There's always something happening in DI Andy Horton Marine Mystery Country to stimulate ideas for storylines

ROYAL Navy bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on a Second World War mortar found on Shanklin seafront on Monday.The Isle of Wight police cordoned off  Hope Beach, near Shanklin, while the Portsmouth-based Southern Diving Unit 2 carried out the explosion.

Sandown Bay, Isle of Wight looking towards Hope Beach and Shanklin

A Royal Navy spokesman said discoveries of this type of device on that stretch of beach was a common occurrence and it's not only there but anywhere along our coastline.  The Solent was a huge dumping ground for armaments from the Second World War, not to mention a target area for the German Luftwaffe.

I mention this in Dead Man's Wharf  the fourth in the DI Andy Horton series, which is set in Portsmouth. 

And there's a new angle on the Second World War armaments story in the DI Horton crime novel I am currently writing (number eight).  There's always something happening around these waters. It's certainly never a dull moment.


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