If you like Peter James, John Harvey, Ann Cleeves and Peter Robinson you'll like Pauline Rowson's crime novels

It is often difficult to find a new author and one whose novels you think you might enjoy but libraries are a great place for dipping your toe in the water, or rather for letting your fingers do the choosing and there is also a handy little book in UK libraries that can help with that.  It's called Who Else Writes Like?

Reviewers have compared the Inspector Andy Horton novels to American writers, Ed McBain and Joseph Wambaugh and their British counterparts John Harvey and Peter Robinson both of the latter mentioned in the directory Who Else Writes Like?

My crime novels are also compared to those written by Colin Dexter, Ann Cleeves, Robert Barnard, Graham Hurley, Dorothy Simpson and Neil White.

In addition, there is also a good website called Fantastic Fiction where it is suggested that if you like Peter James and Stephen Booth then you might also like the Inspector Andy Horton and the Art Marvik Mystery Thrillers.

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