Chinese Translations And New Business Books

Most people know me for writing crime novels, especially the Inspector Horton Marine Mystery series, but I am also the author of several business books. Yesterday I received two packages. One contained the Chinese translation of two of my books combined into one, and the other package contained copies of three new business books I've written, which are being published by Crimson Publishing on 1 August 2009.

The Chinese book is called Be A Champion and this book combines two of my communication and motivational titles: Being Positive & Staying Positive, and Communicating With More Confidence with that of another book called Stress & Time Management written by Brian Lomas who I have known for some time. Brian is Managing Director of Executive Shadows and is a highly respected trainer and business consultant. It always gives me a real buzz when I see my work translated into another language and to imagine people reading it all over the world.

The three new business books being published by Crimson are launched in a new series entitled, 'Get Brilliant Results Fast.' They look stunning with high impact covers and are on sale via the Internet and in Waterstones and other bookshops. They are: Successful Marketing,

In these books I have given lots of tips and techniques based on my many years experience in Sales, PR and Marketing and from running my own Marketing, Training, PR and Publishing Company. They're quick and easy to read with lots of practical advice on 'how to do it.'

It's great to have some new business books published and fingers crossed they will do well. You can check out the series on Crimson's web site and of course, you can visit my web site for more information, look me up on Amazon or simply Google me!


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