Richard & Judy Show? No Legal TV

The Richard and Judy Book Club it might not be but I was delighted to be asked to appear on a brand new programme on Legal TV featuring Crime Writers.

Yesterday was filming day and my husband and I travelled to Birmingham. We had decided to go by train, but couldn't park the car anywhere within five miles of the train station, so found ourselves driving the 320 mile round trip. It might not sound much to anyone reading from America, but on Britain's congested roads habituated by homicidal maniacs who think they are competing at Silverstone, and juggernauts the size of small buildings determined to overtake on a hill, it is a nightmare. But we got there and met the delightful and talented young producer, Nina, and the effervescent and beautiful presenter and journalist, Raychel Harvey-Jones, a girl from the welsh valleys destined to go far, you mark my words!

It was raining bucket loads when we arrived and the temperature was four degrees lower than on the south coast, but the studio lights were hot and the atmosphere frantic. I met another crime writer, Martin Edwards, a very accomplished writer, who was being filmed after me. It was good to compare jacket covers and talk about the publishing industry.

I was filmed twice: once to talk about my latest thriller In For The Kill, and the second time to talk about my forthcoming marine mystery, and the second in the DI Andy Horton series, called Deadly Waters, which will be released in hard back in the UK on September 27 2007 and in the USA on 1 January 2008.

Raychel revealed that she was a great fan of my books - and she wasn't just being kind. I was thrilled with her feedback. Us writers need lots of encouragement along the way. When you're writing a novel you think, yes this one's good. But by the time you've finished it you are ready to throw it out with the trash!

The first interview will be broadcast on Legal TV ( Sky channel) on 22 June 2007. Not sure when the second will appear. I am hoping to receive copies of the interviews, so for all those who miss my stupendous performance you'll be able to watch it here ( if I can work out how to add it as a download to my blog). Or you can visit and click on crime writers where the programme is also being shown.

And talking about filming... I have just received training in presenting to camera myself and in July will be filmed presenting my first instructional DVD, called Successful Selling, based on my book, and which will be available for sale later in the year. This is being produced by Summersdale Productions. It is great fun. More about this later.

Time to sign off and get on with some work - but a final thanks here to the wonderful, and dashingly handsome RAC man who came to the rescue on our way home from Birmingham when our windscreen wipers decided they'd had enough of the torrential rain and quite literally stopped working. He fixed them quickly and expertly with a smile and a chat. I can thoroughly recommend the RAC, they were responsive and helpful. Fortunately the wipers decided to expire directly opposite a pub! The Tipperary Inn. It was indeed a long way to Tipperary (Hayling) but we got there in the end, safe, well and tired!


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