Researching crime novels

How do you research your crime novels? I'm often asked this question.  My research is conducted by talking to experts, consulting the Internet and relevant books, and of course visiting the police.  But one source of information on what it's really like for the police out there in the big bad world today is a great blog, written by an Inspector. It's entertaining, thought-provoking, upsetting and can sometimes make me despair.  The post below is particularly illuminating and great background for my Inspector Horton Marine Mysteries.  It's written by a 'real live cop' with passion and clearly communicates his dedication to his job.  You might want to check it out! 

What Really Matters At The Top



inspectorgadget said…
Thank you for linking to my post. I will do the same for you! Can't wait to read your books; have you read mine? Great to make contact.

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