World Book Day Spread the Word Great News

IN COLD DAYLIGHT -my thriller about fire-fighters -has been selected as one of the books for World Book Day/Spread The Word. Yippee! I've made the long list so now all I have to do is get into the Top Ten and that's where I need your help.

I need as many votes as I can to make it through to that Top Ten and you can vote on-line for what will be "The Most Talked About Book 2008." The short list is to be announced at the end of January, with the ultimate winner being announced on World Book Day on 6 March 2008. Each person who votes gets the chance to win £100 of National Book Tokens in a weekly Free Prize draw, so there’s an incentive to enter.

If you would like to vote for my book then you can read about IN COLD DAYLIGHT at:

And to give you a taster, here is a preview of the book. You can also read the first chapter by clicking on the above bar.

“IN COLD DAYLIGHT is a hard hitting thriller inspired by a tragic true story of fire-fighters killed in the line of duty and a potential cover up over their deaths. Unravelling Rowson’s cryptic clues in this fast-paced, atmospheric novel, is like playing a thrilling game of ‘pass the parcel’. After unexpected twists, you peel off the layers of literary wrapping, which eventually uncover the mystery. But instead of featuring a brave fire-fighter hero, Rowson has chosen to tell the story through the eyes of a man who is the opposite. This is marine artist, Adam Greene's journey through overcoming depression, a nervous breakdown and leaning on the prop of his strong-willed, ambitious wife as much as discovering why his best friend, Jack Bartholomew was killed in the line of duty. The fact that she has decided to tell this real life mystery and her fast paced writing is what makes this new writer so original. ”

So if you fancy the sound of it, please vote for it. Or you might want to curl up over Christmas and read it first. Escape the fractitous kids, the warring relations and the telly and delve into the world of mystery and intrigue!


Juliet said…
Congratulations! Do you know when the closing date for votes is? I can't see it on the WBD site, but may be looking in the wrong place.
Pauline Rowson said…
All I know is that it is the end of January for those to reach the Top Ten, then further voting in February for THE winner.
Juliet said…
Hmm, need to find out in case people planning to curl up with it over Christmas find they are too late!

Just voted on your poll, but NB in the 'results' box, the winning proposition shows as white text on pale blue background and, on my screen at least, is almost impossible to read! Is it possible to change it?
Pauline Rowson said…
They can still vote right through to the end of January, so if they read it over Christmas and then vote that should give them time. Sorry about the colours on the poll. I have been back in to see if I can edit and change colours but can't. It's an interesting point to bear in mind for future and perhaps blogger can look at.

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