Happy New Year

Time to dust off the new calendars and ditch the old ones, read your horoscope and wonder what 2008 will bring. For me 2007 was a very exciting and enjoyable year, one in which my Marine Mysteries gained new readers, and were featured in major promotions and my thriller, In Cold Daylight, reached the long list for World Book Day, Spread The Word 2008 Prize. So what's in store for 2008?

In January the voting will continue for World Book Day Spread The Word Prize. Will In Cold Daylight make it into the Top Ten to be announced in February? Will it be up there on World Book Day on 6 March 2008? Who knows? But fingers crossed.

The Marine Mystery Deadly Waters is released in paperback in March and the third DI Andy Horton Marine Mystery called The Suffocating Sea is published in hardback in April. So there will be some book signings to undertake and the chance to meet readers. And the fourth Andy Horton Marine Mystery will be finished by March.

Then there's the London Book Fair in April, always a fascinating and exciting event and the chance to catch up with many people in the publishing and book selling world. Before that I'm giving a few talks in libraries and I'm running a 'novel writing course' as an experience break for Warners Holidays at Sinah Warren on Hayling Island.

June sees the publication of Deadly Waters in audio book, an event I'm really looking forward to. How strange to hear someone read your work other that yourself.

July brings more talks and August will hopefully bring fine weather and the chance to get on the beach and also to do some sailing!

Beyond that I can't say at present except that I have a few exciting plans tucked up my sleeve. Needless to say this includes writing a new thriller and another Andy Horton Marine Mystery.

Here's to a happy, healthy, successful and peaceful New Year to you all!


Lesley Cookman said…
Hi! I'm a former romance tryer, too, who now writes crime - although I've remained a member of the RNA. I'm also a member of the CWA and the organiser of this year's conference.

Glad to hear of your success.

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