Marine Mystery Country

This is DI Andy Horton's patch, Portsmouth CID and the Solent, the setting for my marine mystery crime novels.
Horton is a brave earthy character, fearless with a desperate need to belong and yet always just on the outside. He’s never quite able to trust or let go of the enforced control that’s protected him throughout his tough childhood. A boy from the streets of Portsmouth, he’s been raised with the rough, the evil, the manipulative, the selfish and the vulnerable. He seeks justice and doesn’t much care how he gets it, just as long as the villains get caught.
And here is Old Portsmouth and the Spinnaker Tower at Gunwharf Quays -Oyster Quays in my novels.
Horton is joined in Portsmouth CID by Sergeant Barney Cantelli, half English, half Italian a family man married to Charlotte with five children. Cantelli stood by Horton during his suspension following the rape allegation. Laid back, easy-going, dark-haired and wiry, Cantelli has a great sense of humour and a strong sense of duty. Also on the team is lumbering and lazy DC Walters.
Coarse-mouthed, alpha male, Detective Superintendent Uckfield heads the Major Crime Team. He joined the force with Horton. Uckfield is prepared to sacrifice anything – including his friendship with Horton –on the altar of ambition.

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