I'm back! I've been unlocked

A strange thing happened to me recently - the google robots thought I was spam and locked this blog. I wasn't sure whether to be flattered that my humble blog had been spotted by the robots, or insulted that they thought my entries were 'nonsensical' or that I had 'too many links.' ( I didn't think you could have too many links.) As for my writing being nonsensical .... well, it doesn't say much for me as an author!

Still, a human being at google (yes, there are some, apparently) has now reviewed my blog and verified I am a genuine human being with a genuine blog. Well, that's a relief. So I'm back. And have you missed me? I doubt it. But in case you are wondering what I've been doing since my last blog entry, I'll give you three guesses. Yes, writing, writing and writing.

The plot of the new Inspector Horton marine mystery crime novel is coming along well, and I spent a lovely afternoon yesterday in the garden in glorious sunshine developing it further with pencil onto paper, which is how I work out all my plots and character development. And for anyone worried about me burning under all that sunshine - I donned suntan lotion, like a good girl, and sat under the dappled sun of the trees in my garden. Today, I will be getting more of the novel onto the computer, after a long walk this morning and before the thunder arrives. And just in case you are worried that my entire life consists of writing, I took some time off to make a skirt and top from some lovely fabric designed by Amy Butler and from Rowan. It's beautiful, check out her designs if you have time and are that way inclined. I bought reams of it from John Lewis in Southampton. Enough to keep me busy for a couple of weeks in between writing, of course.


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