Novel Ideas, Windsurfers And Algae

This week two news items popped into my in box which could spark ideas for plots.

The National Windsurfing Festival, this year, is to be held at the Inn On The Beach, Beachlands, Hayling Island, on 5-6 September 2009.

The National Windsurfing Festival, supported by Havant Borough Council, is now the largest windsurfing event of the national calendar. And of course, Hayling Island is the birthplace of windsurfing. I can often see the windsurfers from my bedroom window as they whiz across Langstone Harbour on a windy day.

Talking of which, Langstone Harbour was in the news yesterday as one of the places suffering from this outcrop (hope that's the correct word) of algae, which is threatening to choke wildlife along the south coast of England. That would be terrible.

I'm fortunate to live just yards from the Hayling Nature Reserve and beautiful Hayling Billy Coastal walk. So I do hope something can be done to prevent any kind of environmental damage.
Anyway back to ideas and the windsurfing festival. Maybe I'll get myself down there with Inspector Andy Horton and see what crime he can solve! Or perhaps I can make a crime novel out of the choking algae...Mmmm, now I wonder...


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