Bliss and not Blisters the Isle of Wight is a great place for Inspiration

I've just returned from a very long walk on the beautiful Isle of Wight, bliss, and not blisters, though the legs do ache a bit after twelve miles. That's because I haven't walked so many miles since before Christmas, but spring will soon be on its way and then there will be no stopping me. It's great to have a break from the computer and to let the mind roam free, as well as take in the beautiful countryside and get some physical exercise for a change instead of sitting in front of a computer monitor.  

This morning the sun was shining  over Sandown Bay in a pale blue sky, the sea was gently rippling on to the sands and the views from Culver Cliff across the bay towards the cliffs of Shanklin in the south and from Bembridge Down across the Solent to Portsmouth in the north were spectacular as always. I find the Island a great place for inspiration with all that fresh sea air, rolling downs, coves, bays and cliffs.

As many of you know my crime thriller novel In For The Kill is set on the Isle of Wight. 

The new DI Horton, Blood on the Sand  published in the UK in February and in the USA in May is also set there.

The Isle of Wight really is a unique place, a little England all in one tiny Island. I'll be back there soon to soak up some more.


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