Plotting has begun in earnest for the next in the Inspector Horton series

It was an interesting and productive weekend writing wise or rather I should say plotting wise because after scribbling on bits of paper all over the place in pencil using spider grams and plotting lines I've got the basics of the next Inspector Andy Horton marine mystery crime novel, number seven in the series, mapped out. 

The idea for this novel has come from several sources but a newspaper article forms a major part of it, which is linked with the location of course, which in my case is the Solent area on the south coast of England where my novels are set. I won't say what that article is because, like most writers, I am rather superstitious - the more you talk about a novel in progress the more likely it is to become dead in the water.

There's a long way to go yet before I can start creating it on the computer though.  I need to start working on the characters now and, as they begin to take shape, so too will their actions and motivations, which in turn will drive the plot further.  Then there are the sub plots, will they stand alone or will they form part of the main plot?  And the back story: will Andy discover more about his missing mother? What's happening in Barney Cantelli's life and with Superintendent Uckfield?  Will DI Dennings still be lumbering about on the major crime team? It's all a bit messy to begin with, but exciting as a new story unfolds.


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